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Almost everyone dreams of owning a house, but most do not consider interior design as an essential part. Designing a home can be a challenge, but with the right tools, anything is possible.

Small details, like cushions, are the finishing touches to any room in your dream house. A cushion is considered a soft bag of some material. Usually, these tiny decorative pieces are stuffed with wool, hair, feathers, polyester staples fiber, non-woven fabric, or even paper torn. It is designed to be a support for you when you are kneeling, sitting, or lounging. 

Cushions can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. There is a tendency that people more and more love to put their cushions in linen covers. They claim that it connects better with their home decor style and creates more of a luxurious feeling. Anyone can fall in love with linen cushion covers, but not everyone knows how to decorate with them in their house. 

This article will introduce you to different ways of cushion placements, styles, sizes, colors, and more practical tips. 

How many cushions should you have? 

Every item in your decor is a reflection of your personality. Significant interior elements last you for years, but what about the cushions? It is a decorative piece, and it can be changed very often, which allows you to be more creative and make bold choices. It can scare you to change your decorative cushions but do not be afraid and take the risk. Some people do not even have decorative cushions. So it is natural to ask a question: how many should I own?

There is no right or wrong answer to this because it is a hot debate. It all depends on personal taste. First of all, cushions can be defined as square, rectangular, bolstered, or anything that supports your waking, lounging comfort that helps reduce pressure points and works to keep your body. So, adding them to your living room couch or bed can help create a more wholesome look and bring you comfort.

Let's start from the living room. The living room, just like the bedroom, is one of those places in your house or apartment where you spend most of the time. So it is a natural thing to decorate your living room to make it cozier. Cushions are the ones that can create a down-to-earth, comfortable, warm, and inviting environment in your living room space. To achieve the perfect balance with the cushions on your sofa, you need to know how many cushions you need to put them. Different couches have different needs:

  • Two-seater couch - the couch itself is not that big, so usually, you can put there from 2 to 4 cushions. 2 cushions will create a pared-down and minimal look, while 3 or 4 cushions will create an eclectic, modern style and adds depth. Always, can mix and match different sizes of cushions. 
  • Three-seater couch - this couch is a little bit bigger than a two-seater couch, so naturally, you can put more cushions here. Use from 3 to 6 cushions. Usually, people on this size couch use four cushions to create symmetry, and using more will create a fuller effect, and you can match different textures and sizes. 
  • Corner couch - since this particular couch is vast, you can easily fit there from 4 to 9 cushions. While four cushions give you a simple approach, you can focus them on corners; 7 or 9 cushions create cozy little pockets of style.

Choosing the number of cushions to place on your couch is not that hard, right? Well, when it comes to the sizes of the cushions, it is a different story. People usually do not know what to expect. So, there are three popular shapes of cushions on the market that are in these standard sizes:

  • Square cushions you can find in sizes from 12" x 12"(30 x 30 cm) to 24" x 24" (61 x 61 cm).
  • Rectangular lumbar cushions are usually in two sizes 12" x 18" (30 x 45 cm), 12" x 20" (30 x 50 cm).
  • Cylindrical cushions comes in four sizes 6"x 16" (15 x 40 cm), 7" x 20" (17 x 50 cm), 8" x 30" (20 x 76 cm) , 10" x 27" (25 x 68 cm).

The other space, or more specifically the room where people put cushions, is the bedroom. It is such a personal space that the cushions create more depth, also bring coziness. We are not saying that you need to purchase many of them and throw them on your bed, no. The internet is full of suggestions on how to decorate your bed with cushions. So, here is a few suggestions that we love:

  1. Minimal approach - this style starts with four standard white pillows at the head of the bed as a backrest for your accent cushions to lean on. If you want, you can lay them down or stand up. To ensure this is a minimal and symmetrical-looking style, use an even number of cushions on either side. Variation of sizes and shapes creates a layered look.
  2. Mix the cushions - the beauty of any style is mixing them to create an exciting and non-traditional look. The same goes with the cushions on the bed; four different cushions can be placed non-symmetrical to form a playful, fun look. 
  3. Incorporate color - we always say that the monochromatic style of the bedroom is beautiful, but why not add a pop of color with cushions. You can create that with odd number cushions; it can be three or five, it gives an exciting look. Please put them in this order: two cushions on each side and one in the front middle, mix and match sizes and shapes. 
  4. Luxury style - how to make your bed look luxurious without spending too much? Well, there is one particular cushion style that can create this look - European cushions. They are considered more significant, create a fuller look, and appear cozier and more comfortable. Adding a dark cushion to a light bed can make contrast and a sense of drama. 

Here are only a few ways to style your cushions in your bedroom. Of course, you can always add linen cushion covers to enhance that luxury look or create more textures. Styling your bedroom not only depends on the cushions but there is no denying that cushions finish the look you are going for. So, if you want more tips on how to style your bedroom, check out this blog: How to style your bedroom with linen pieces?

Size importance and benefits of linen cushion covers

We already mentioned that more and more people start to fall in love with linen cushion covers. The reason being that these covers have quite a few benefits. For example:

  • The linen cushion cover keeps your pillow cleaner. Cushions are used a lot, whether on the couch or your bed; usually, you sit next to them, or throughout the day, you use them as a napping pillow or just laying down to relax. Using cushions like this is enough to pick up a lot of dirt, sweat, germs, and dead skin cells. The linen cushion cover is easy to remove and clean; this way, the cushion inside is fresh, fluffy, and clean. Linen material is known for durability, so that it will last you for a long time. 
  • The linen cushion covers keep out allergens. Linen is known for its hypoallergenic feature, so having a linen cushion cover is suitable for sensitive people who have sensitive skin and get irritated quickly. Also, linen cushion covers are a way to help to prevent dust and dust mites from collecting in the cushion itself. 
  • The linen cushion covers keep it fluffy. This may sound funny, but it is true. Linen cushion covers help protect the cushions fluff because sweat and oil from our bodies can be damaging.
  • The linen cushion covers an extra defense layer. Bed bugs are the enemy that is better not to have. It can make you miserable. Having a linen cushion cover protects the cushion inside and protects from getting bed bugs inside the cover and nesting in the cushion itself. 

These are the top arguments why you need to put your cushions in linen covers. With covers for cushions in general, you need to know what size to choose to set your cushion in. Most manufacturers say that if you want the cushion to look more fuller inside the covers, you should purchase a slightly smaller cushion cover. This depends on the shape of the cushion, for square linen cushion, you can use a cushion that is 2" (6 cm) more extensive than the cover, and for rectangular lumbar cushions, you can use linen covers that is 1" (3 cm) bigger than the cover. So, for example, if you have a cushion that the size of 18" x 18" (45 x 45 cm), then the size of the linen cushion cover should be around 16" x 16" (42 x 42 cm). 


When you decide on the size of your linen cushion cover, then comes the hard part - how to choose them. Everything depends on the style and look you are going for. So, look around for inspiration. Your home is the best guide you will ever have: the tones in your bedroom or living room, accents that would complement or even match your furniture, curtains, or wall colors. Everything around you can inspire the style or colors of your linen cushion cover. 

Linen is known for durability, so it is an excellent solution when styling your kid's room with linen cushion covers. It will not wear down quickly and can endure a lot. Sometimes styling a space for kids can be a challenge, so look for inspiration on the internet; it can give more ideas. 

Harmonizing linen cushions with your interior style 

The size of linen cushions or covers matters a lot; we already found that out. But there is more to that than the size. Linen cushions can come in a variety of colors, patterns, textures. So it is essential to harmonize with your interior style.  

To compliment your home decor, the color selection should be the most important thing. The linen cushion now, because of the technology, are available in a wide variety of colors. But the decision of cushions colors should depend upon your wall color, curtain patterns, or any artwork in your place and something that can blend with the furniture you have. Trying to mix and match is an excellent example of creating the harmony you want. Linen cushions will do the trick in harmonizing with your home decor.

So how to choose the color of your linen cushions to match your home decor? Here are few examples:

  • If the interior color palette of your home has bold or muted shades, we suggest you choose a linen cushion that has elements of the same colors or is a solid color shade. It can help tie together with the existing decor. 
  • If you have more bright-colored walls, the perfect anchor is the linen cushions in soft shades of gray or muted tans. It helps to drawn eyes to the decorative pillows instead of bright walls. 
  • Some people do not go for the bright or dark colors; they go for spring colors, primarily pastels, awakening nature colors. Having linen cushions in these colors can create a feeling of calmness and lightness. If you need a little bit of visualization --> click here.
  • Linen cushions are known for being the accents of the room. So, if you want to make a statement with this particular accent, you need to try the patterned linen cushion. For example, striped linen cushion. It can be in bright colors or monochromatic colors; it depends on the room's color scheme you want to decorate. 

Not only striped linen cushions are on the market these days. Now, if you look, you can find beautiful designs and patterns of prints, embroidered, polka, jacquard, geometrical, abstract, floral; the list is endless. Everything depends on the feel you are trying to create with these cushions. 

How to style your couch with linen throw pillows? 

Well, decorating with throw pillows can seem like a brilliant part of the design process, especially if it is in your living room space. It is the best way to elevate your living room. So, decorating your living room couches with the added addition of throw pillows can bring out the subtle design features in a space.

There is no wrong way to style your linen throw pillows on your couch. So, we suggest you go for the style that matches your house interior the best; here are a few examples of how to style your linen throw pillows:

  1. Classic / traditional - this particular style will usually require a more considerable number of linen throw pillows. The number of throw pillows depends on couch size, but if you have, for example, a three-seater couch, then five throw pillows are enough to make a more romantic look. Of course, this style color palette usually consists of two never-aging colors: black and white. 
  2. Japandi - it is a fusion of two styles, Scandinavian and modern Japanese. It is considered as a minimalist design style, and it is a definition of less is more. The style itself is in the color palette of earthy tones, meaning it is not needed for dyed linen throw pillows. Also, the organic look of the linen throw pillow will add a great pop of texture on your couch and in your living room in general. 
  3. Boho - this is a trendy style that represents a more boho-chic California look. This style does not follow the rules, so styling like this is simple. Just layer your linen throw pillows in different shapes, sizes, textures, or even patterns and colors; it will create a playful look. It will look effortless.


When choosing linen cushion covers, you need to remember one thing - the size of the linen cover matters. You need to select a cover size that is a few inches smaller than the cushion itself. 

Styling your home space not only depends on the cushions, but there is no denying that linen cushions finish the look you are going for. If you want to see or get inspired to decorate your space with linen pieces, you can find more options in the Living category . Let's decorate!




How to wash linen cushion covers?

Clean linen cushion cover as the manufacturer recommends it. Most linen cushion covers can be washed in the washing machine at 86 ℉ (30 ℃) or less. It should be on a slow spin cycle so as not to shrink the material. When done, remove the covers from the machine to avoid creasing. 

What is the standard cushion cover size?

The standard cushion cover size is 16” x 16” (42 x 42 cm) and 20” x 20” (50 x 50 cm).

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