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Everyone needs a place to be by themselves, even the most outgoing people do. So, your bedroom has to be a heaven of tranquility, a personal getaway to curl up with a good book, watch some TV, or just lay down and relax from the busy world around you. Having time for yourself is essential, so it is natural to want your bedroom to bring you as much coziness as it can. 

Since sleep is essential and most people spend one-third of their lives sleeping, the bedroom has to be optimized to help you get a good night’s sleep. The real question here is why is it essential to have a well-organized, decorated, relaxing, and personal space of your own?

So, the style of a bedroom can come from decorations or materials. We love to say that the beautiful linen fabrics are like a luxurious outfit for your bedroom. There is nothing in comparison to linen. Linen pieces for the bedroom add sensual feeling throughout the space. In general, while styling your bedroom with linen pieces, there are four main categories you can look into:

Linen bedding 

Linen bedding is a very environmentally friendly fabric. Owning linen bedding from pure flax linen is a luxury that we can all enjoy. Linen bedding is considered one of the most stylish fabrics, and we love the natural charm and simple good looks that it gives to every bedroom. It is not only about the looks when it comes to linen; it benefits your skin. Meaning that it helps the skin retain its natural pH balance; also, linen help soften and look after your skin while you sleep. Linen bedding is the best choice for you if you have sensitive skin because of its hypoallergenic feature.

Linen curtains

There are different opinions of having linen curtains in your bedroom. Some people put them because they add a little bit of pop, or some do not put them at all. Well, we say linen curtains are a must in the bedroom. One of the reasons why linen curtains should be in your bedroom is that it creates a complete look or rounds the room in comfort, it can help relax. But linen curtains not only add style to the bedroom but are also beneficial for a good night’s sleep. Night-time linen curtains block out all the light that might get through from the streets or the unwanted sun in the early mornings. 

Cushion covers

Pillows are one of the most used things in bedrooms. So, it is crucial to cover your pillow with a fabric that can be durable for a long time. Cushion covers made out of linen are the best choice for anyone, even the kids. It will prevent the buildup of germs, dirt, and dead skin from getting inside of a pillow. Since linen is known for hypoallergenic and durability, it will last you for years to come and prevent you from getting allergies. And the stylish element of linen cushion cover will get your bedroom decor to the next level with a luxurious feel. 

Linen throws

A throw is considered a small blanket. Linen throws usually comes in the size of 55” x 71” (140 x 180 cm). Throws can have several purposes - the primary goal - decoration. The beautiful waffle pattern and fantastic texture will bring your bedroom decor to another level; you can always put it on the end of the bed or a chair in the space. The second purpose linen throws have the added warmth for you. You can use it as a blanket for cool summer evenings or cold winter nights. 

As you can see, styling your bedroom with linen is not that hard. If you are looking for a sustainable, durable, breathable, and stylish fabric of different linen pieces, you can find more options in our Living category. We believe that your bedroom deserves the very best!

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