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Fabrics care guide

Natural fabrics are precious.
Our main goal isn't only to provide the best quality linen and hemp textile but ensure you have the best instructions on how to care for such fabrics. We've put together the essential guidelines to help you manage your linen and hemp fabrics.

Linen fabric

Known as the world’s strongest natural fiber, linen is highly resistant to abrasion and less prone to wearing and tearing. So you can enjoy your favorite linen pieces for many years without the need to replace them after a couple of washes. Proper care is one of the main conditions to ensure a long and successful life of linens. Here you will find a few suggestions that will help your fine linens to wear softly and smoothly through endless laundering. 

Machine Washing

Linen should be washed at 40°C / 100 °F. If some heavy-duty stains appear, you can increase the temperature up to 60 °C / 140 °F. However, high temperatures shouldn’t be used too often as fabric tends to shrink.

Our polyester filled garments should be washed at a maximum temperature of 40°C / 100 °F.

Linen should be washed separately from other fabrics and colors.

If your washing machine allows you to select the water level, choose the highest one offered because linen is highly absorbent.

Hand Washing

Hand-wash is best for thin linen fabrics, which could get damaged in the washing machine.

Hand wash linen clothing using a gentle swishing motion, but never wring, twist or scrub the cloth.

Hand washing is best suited for clothing that is not heavily soiled.

Stains Cleaning

Any stain gets more and more difficult to clean with time. So to reach the best result, make sure you clean the stains as soon, as they appear. Read our blog for more tips how to clean almost every stain from your linen.


Choose soft, neutral detergents for delicate fabrics. Avoid detergents with bleach (i.e. chlorine, peroxide).

Do not pour detergent directly on textiles; rather, add it to the water as the wash tub fills or dilute detergent with water, then add linens.

Be sure that all detergent is completely rinsed from the garment before drying.


You can only bleach white linen pieces. Do not bleach colored items. It is recommended to use oxygen-based bleaching agents.


Our washed linen production is highly resistant for shrinkage compared with non-washed linen.

Pre-shrunk items normally shrink 3 percent or less.

Do not wash or, especially, dry linens on a hot setting, which is most likely to cause shrinkage.


Linen can be dried in a tumble dryer on a low temperature, hung, or left to dry flat on a white towel.

If using a tumble dryer, take the linen out when it’s still damp and complete drying by hanging it or laying flat.

If possible, allow white linen pieces to dry out in the sun. It will help to maintain the fresh whiteness.

Drying white linen in the sun helps retain the original white color.

Overdrying is the most harmful process for fabrics as it weakens the fibers causing shrinkage and pilling. Over-dried items restore their natural moisture content after re-absorbing moisture from the air.


Iron linen while it’s still slightly damp.

Use medium or high temperatures and steam. If needed, you can also spray some water on the fabric.

Iron on the reverse side.

Smooth and fold, or press with an iron if desired.

If you like the natural, slightly crinkled look of linen, you can skip the ironing.

Hemp fabric

Wonderful and complex by nature, hemp fabric is surprisingly low maintenance, requiring little effort and resources. Hemp fabric's resilience and breathability ensure a comfortable night's rest, while its eco-friendly production aligns with sustainable choices. Explore the benefits of hemp bedding and experience a blend of natural elegance and mindful living. Discover the harmony of simplicity and sophistication in hemp fabric, enhancing your living space with a touch of nature's finesse. Follow these easy care steps to ensure your hemp bedding remains in excellent condition, allowing you to enjoy its benefits for a lifetime.

Machine and Hand Washing

Hand wash or machine wash in 30-40 °C / 85-100 °F water. High temperatures shouldn’t be used too often as fabric tends to shrink.


Use an oxygen-based bleach on white fabric only if you must.

You can only bleach white hemp pieces. Do not bleach colored items.


Line dry if you can or tumble dry on low if you must.


Iron on low if you love the neat look but we encourage embracing the natural waves of hemp fabric.