We strive to meet all of our customer's needs. That is why we offer not only finished garments but linen fabrics as well. These fabrics are suitable for making various items such as kitchen textiles, table clothing, curtains, apparel, linen accessories, crafts and many more. Keep in mind that by choosing linen fabrics from our online shop you are choosing the highest quality, comfort, and luxury. Linen fabrics are praised for their qualities, like unique anti-bacterial and temperature regulating properties. Pure linen is also a highly absorbent material, which can absorb up to 20% of its own weight.

Also, for your convenience, we offer linen fabric samples for bed linen, table linen and bath linen. These swatch books contain all the colours and prints that we offer in a specific category. We recommend purchasing fabric sample books before making big orders so that you could see how colours look in different lighting, how they match with each other and how they go with your interior.