Table and Kitchen Linen Fabric Samples

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  • We want you to be overjoyed with the quality of our products. Hence, if you would like to have a closer look to the fabric of our products before making your purchase, we invite you to get one of swatches book so you can have a full idea of the color and texture of the fabric.

    - Samples of fabrics and colors for our table and kitchen linen collection made from 100% washed linen
    - Made in Lithuania
    - OEKO-TEX certified fabric


    Table and Kitchen dyed linen fabrics (100% washed linen, 215g/m2)
    - White
    - Natural
    - Silver
    - Light Grey
    - Ash
    - Dark Grey
    - Black
    - Navy
    - Deep Water
    - Green Milieu
    - Blue Fog
    - Forest Green
    - Martini Olive
    - Moss Green
    - Sage
    - Honey
    - Portobello
    - Tangerine
    - Nutmeg
    - Cafe Creme
    - Ashes of Roses
    - Baked Clay
    - Mustard
    - Red Pear
    - Misty Rose
    - Taupe
    - French Blue
    - Lemon Curry

    Table and Kitchen printed linen fabrics (100% washed linen, 185g/m2)
    - Leaves
    - Leaves on Natural
    - Christmas Print
    - Christmas Print on Natural
    - Eucalyptus on White
    - Eucalyptus on Natural
    - Watercolour
    - Birds Print
    - Floral
    - Flowers on White
    - Flowers on Natural
    - Vintage Blue Stripe
    Vintage Green Stripe
    Vintage Mustard Stripe
    - Tie Dye
    - Tie Dye on Natural

    Table and Kitchen striped & checked linen fabrics (100% washed linen, 215g/m2)
    - Black Thin Stripes
    - Natural White Stripes
    - Grid

  • Linen is the strongest, and most resistant natural fiber has unique bacteriologic properties and is less prone to wear and tear down. Your favorite linen pieces can last you for many years with proper care!

    To avoid shrinkage, the machine washing temperature should be 40°C / 100°F; for thin linen fabrics, avoid using a washing machine; it’s best to do it by hand. Avoid harsh powder detergents to clean the pieces and use oxygen-based bleach only on white linen. For best drying results, hang-dry your linen; if you don’t have such an opportunity, use a tumble on low and remove it while still damp. You can iron the fabric for a neat look, but we encourage you to embrace a natural crinkled look. 

    Learn more on how to take care of linen fabric. Read our fabrics care guide.

  • We ship worldwide. From Lithuania to your doorstep.

    NOTE: This item will be shipped within 6 business days. Why?

    Because it takes us a little time to make this piece specially for you. All our products are hand-made and made-to-order, and this means that you will receive an item that is not only unique and sustainable but also ethically made wasting as little fabric as possible.

    Delivery time depends on the destination country. For more information about delivery time and prices read HERE.