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How Linen Can Help Problematic Skin


It might be just puberty, but it could also be a condition to live with for an unpredictable period of time. Don’t worry, you are not the only one. Acne affects people of all races and ethnic groups. It can also show up or reappear in adults. However, we understand that hygene is the main thing your skin needs to feel comfortable. Here are some examples how linen might help treating problematic skin.

Linen towels protect your skin from bacteria, because they are naturally antibacterial

If you have problematic skin, face towels should be kept clean and seperate. Due to warmth and humidity in the bathroom, they become vulnerable to developing bacteria that can worsen your skin condition. The longer they take to dry – the worse it gets. That’s why cotton towels aren’t perfect – they hold onto liquid for an excessive amount of time. Linen, however, absorbs water quickly and gets dry within a short amount of time. To simplify, linen is less prone to germs and, at this point, healthier for your skin. Win-win!

Extra tip: wash your face towel once a week to keep it clean and make sure you air-out the bathroom after taking a shower. It will help the towels to dry quicker.

Linen pillowcases are breathable

You shouldn’t necessarily be a neat freak to notice the difference between the fabrics of pillow cases. Problematic skin can be especially sensitive to this factor. If your skin feels dirty or oily after the night – try using linen a pillow case instead of a cotton or a synthetic one. It’s ultra-breathable, so it keeps your skin cool and prevents perspiration that leads to bacteria production.

Extra tip: wash your face before going to bed and launder your pillow cases every two to three days. If you have bad acne – don’t be lazy to do it everyday. Be sure you stock up well.

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