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Linen Pyjamas For Hot Nights


Have you ever thought that one can be literally too hot to sleep with? Sometimes it’s the room temperature to blame. Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter. When you go to bed, the goal is one – to fall asleep immediately. So, what could be done?

You have probably already tried to open the window and flip over your pillow. But have you payed attention to the materials of your pyjama and bedsheets? We highly recommend linen. Linen pyjamas are ideal for summer nights and warm temperatures, because linen fibres are highly absorbent. They move moisture away from your body, so you feel cooler. It’s like a wearable technology that regulates your body climate, just 100 % natural and comfortable.

We promise, you won’t want to take it off. Our linen pyjamas come in an oversized, but timeless style. Perfect for lounging and sleeping, these lightweight pyjamas are pre-washed in the production process to ensure they’re extra pleasant on your skin.

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