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Don’t you just love to wrap yourself into a soft bathrobe to finish your bathing routine? Of course, the minute we step out of a refreshing shower or a steaming bath, we want to reach for a towel to dry off. Yet slipping into a cozy robe is that final touch to our bath ritual that encapsulates our body in a state of comfort.

But robes are equally loved outside the bathroom, too. It is common to wear a bathrobe over a pyjama on chilly mornings or before going to bed. And it is just a perfect feeling to jump into a robe after a long and busy day to comfortably lounge on the sofa. Many hotels and spas also make sure to offer comfortable, high-quality robes to their clients to elevate their experience. In general, a bathrobe is a loose-fitting garment, worn after a bath or around the house to keep one warm and comfortable.

Bathrobe - luxury or must-have?

Some people debate that the bathrobe is an item of luxury as it is completely unnecessary to have one. But we argue that the robe is actually a must-have bath linen piece. The epitome of comfort, this garment has a couple of important practical aspects:

- A bathrobe can be used instead of a towel. Sometimes you can just skip the towel and wrap yourself in a comfortable robe to let it dry you out. This is especially nice on warm summer days when you step out of a cool shower. Plus, you may need to have fewer towels.

- A bathrobe can be worn as loungewear. Yes, a set of loose pants and a shirt is nice, but you can feel just as (or even more!) comfortable lounging in your fluffy robe. The perfect outfit for slow mornings and evenings with a book or a movie, isn’t it?

Different kinds of bathrobes

If you were on the lookout for a robe, you would soon realize that this garment is available in many variations and is made of different types of fabrics. You can find robes with or without a hood, pockets, and decorative details. Also, bathrobes are made of many various materials, such as cotton, wool, flannel, terry, silk, and many other natural and synthetic fabrics.

This time we will focus on waffle linen, which is a perfect fabric for a robe due to its amazing properties. So read on to find out why a linen bathrobe is the best option for your bath routine and why this linen textile piece is a comfort that you can wear.


Who doesn’t love waffles? But how about waffle linen? You have probably seen fluffy-looking towels or bathrobes made of textured fabric that resembles a honeycomb. That is called a waffle and this exceptional fabric is usually made of cotton, linen, or the blend of both. In general, waffle linen is a fabric, that is made by weaving flax yarn in a special way so that after washing it forms a honeycomb pattern, making the fabric soft and voluminous. This material is greatly loved and used for making linen bath robes and linen towels as the intricate texture makes it unbelievably pleasant to the touch and highly absorbent. Often it is also seen in the form of waffle throws because of the fabric’s decorative features.

Amazing qualities of waffle linen

Linen is made of a flax plant, which holds the title of the oldest fiber used by humans. And although nowadays cotton is the most widely used natural fabric, linen is still considered to be a highly valuable and even luxurious material. And not because of its long history in our households, but mainly because of the wonderful qualities it has.

Does linen waffle possess the same qualities as simple linen? Absolutely yes! It is made from the same flax fiber only woven in a different wave than plain linen. So let’s go through the amazing qualities that waffle linen is gifted with.

Highly absorbent and moisture-wicking. Linen is capable of holding up to 20% of its own weight in water before it even feels damp. Also, linen releases water much faster compared to cotton. This means that linen can be used several more times than cotton before it needs to be washed. This is especially useful in summer!

Durable. Along with being the oldest fiber used by humans, linen also holds a gold medal for being the strongest natural fiber on Earth. That is why for a long time home linen pieces and linen clothing were passed from generation to generation as heirloom. Linen can withstand many washing cycles and if treated with proper care it takes years for it to lose its initial quality.

Eco-friendly. Because linen is highly durable, you will not need to change your linen pieces that often, compared to cotton or other natural fabrics. Also, growing flax requires substantially less water or pesticides compared to cotton, making linen an environmentally friendly fabric.

Softer with every wash. Not only linen can withstand endless washing cycles, but it also gets better with each of them! During the washing process, tiny fractures occur in the fibers, reducing the stiffness and making the fabric softer and softer.

How to take care of waffle linen

As you can see, waffle linen has a unique combination of amazing natural properties and extraordinary looks. To maintain these qualities proper care is needed. But keep calm - contrary to a common belief, linen is a low-maintenance fabric, which does not require any special care. You can wash your linen waffle bathrobe following these simple rules:

  • Linen can be hand washed or machine washed in up to 40 oC / 100 oF water. Increase the temperature to 60 oC / 140 oF if you have heavier stains but avoid doing it often as it can damage the fabric.
  • Tumble drying, line drying, and laying out on a terry towel - all these drying options are suitable for linen.
  • Do not overdry waffle linen as it can become a bit stiff. Fold your waffle linen bathrobe or start using it while it is soft and supple.
  • Ironing is usually not required for waffle linen as it may flatten out the honeycomb texture. Luckily, this type of linen is less prone to wrinkling than plain linen.

Check our out thorough article on how to take care of linen fabric to find useful additional tips and tricks.


It is always smaller pieces that make the big picture. You don’t have to stuff your bathroom with many lotions, oils, towels, and bath bombs to create a luxurious bath routine. The key is to choose quality over quantity and add to the picture only high-quality products and items that are good for you and truly bring you joy.

A bathrobe is one of those pieces, that can either elevate your experience or leave you longing for something better. That is why we recommend considering a soft and opulent linen bathrobe as a worthy addition to your bath rituals.

What is so special about a waffle linen bathrobe?

Amazing linen qualities aside, there are several other reasons why choosing this bath linen piece might elevate your daily shower routine to a whole new level:

It takes up little space. Linen bathrobes are lightweight and thinner when compared to popular heavier, thick cotton ones. So while linen robe is still soft and pleasant to the touch, it takes much less space in your bathroom or wardrobe. We know that some people like to bring their own pillow when traveling. Well, in this case, you would also be able to easily pack your beloved robe in a suitcase!

Can be enjoyed for a long time. Because of its outstanding durability, linen fabric maintains its quality and looks for many years, making your linen bath robe a sustainable choice. Enjoy the comfort, luxury and feel free to wash it as often as needed without the necessity to replace this bath linen piece soon after purchasing.

Spa experience at home. Linen is known for the benefits it has for the skin, which we will cover very soon. That is precisely why some luxurious hotels and spas choose to offer linen waffle bathrobes for their clients. So if it’s good enough for an expensive spa center, why not enjoy it every day in the comfort of your own home? And while we’re at it, here are 5 amazing ways to improve your bath rituals even more!

Your skin will thank you

So let’s talk about your skin a little bit. Whether you have perfect, non-problematic skin, or on the contrary - sensitive, allergy-prone skin, it needs proper care no matter what. Did you know that skin is the biggest organ in our body, made of multiple layers, full of sensitive receptors, and responsible for important tasks, like protecting our bodies from the environment?

Every day our skin comes in contact with many things, including various substances and fabrics, and is affected by environmental changes like humidity and temperature. All of this has an effect on our skin, making it dry, sweaty, or affected in other ways. So taking good care of our skin is a must, especially if we deal with a problematic one.

Linen is known to be a great fabric for even the most sensitive skin, so using a linen bathrobe may benefit you for these amazing reasons:

- Linen has antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties, preventing irritations.

- Great moisture-wicking properties let the linen dry faster, making it less prone to various bacteria and fungi building up inside the fabric.

- Linen robe is highly breathable, letting your skin feel comfortable and preventing it from sweating.


No matter how old you are, a refreshing shower or a warm bath can be a pleasant experience. But if there happen to be little kids around your house, you probably know that with them, bathtime can also mean a lot of fuss and frustration. There are multiple reasons and solutions to this problem and finding a way to deal with it is different for everyone as every child is unique.

But one way to create a more enjoyable bathing experience is by letting them own their personal towel and a bathrobe. Having an opportunity to choose the color and the style of their liking, allows your little one to feel involved in the process and thus enjoy it more. There is a wide range of bathrobes for kids, sadly many of them being made of synthetic fabrics. However, we highly recommend choosing a linen bath robe as there are several reasons why linen is good for kids.

Best friend for a gentle, sensitive skin

Whether problematic or not, the skin of our little ones is more sensitive and requires gentle care, especially in the earlier years. As we already discussed, linen textile has some outstanding properties, that are beneficial for the skin. So it is only natural that choosing a soft linen robe for kids will prevent the skin from fabric irritations and ensure delicate care.

Children are also more sensitive to temperature - getting too hot may irritate them while feeling cold is also not a nice option. Luckily, linen has great thermoregulating properties, meaning it can both cool and insulate. This makes linen robe a great garment to wrap in after bathing to fully dry off. Finally, as linen is a highly breathable fabric, wearing a linen bathrobe will prevent the skin from sweating too much, when compared to thick cotton or even worse synthetic robes.

Waffles for every taste

If your little one is still too little for a bathrobe or if it is not their cup of tea, there are other amazing alternatives, also made of supple and cozy linen waffle. So you can consider these bath linen accessories as an addition or replacement for a kid’s bathrobe:

- Waffle linen poncho. No sleeves, no ties - just put it on and you are ready to go. A poncho is a superb bath accessory that acts as a mix of a towel and a bathrobe and gives your little one complete freedom of movement. It features a comfortable and functional hood for covering and drying the hair. This bath linen piece is especially handy on a trip to the beach or playing by the pool.

- Waffle linen hooded towel. Created for babies, it is a simple yet wonderful bath textile piece that allows you to cozily wrap the little sweet pea while also covering their head with the hood. You can easily pack a couple of these towels while traveling as they are small in size and take up very little space, yet are highly absorbent and quick to dry.

So if you are planning to update your bathroom with any textile for your kids, we strongly encourage you to consider waffle linen pieces for the greatest comfort and joy during and after bathtime. Also, don’t forget that bath linen for kids is a beautiful and thoughtful gift option.


As you can see, a linen bathrobe is not an item of luxury, yet it can surely make your bathing rituals feel luxurious. Linen has some wonderful properties that are good for the skin, provides comfort to your body, and leaves you feeling softly hugged by the supple fabric while lounging or finishing your bath routine.

After creating and testing the bath accessories ourselves, we are happy to offer you high-quality bath linen, including linen waffle bathrobes for adults and a range of bathroom linen for the little ones.


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  1. How to wash linen robe?

Use a mild washing detergent and wash your linen robe by hand or in a washing machine using up to 40 oC / 100 oF water. You can tumble dry or line dry your linen robe but avoid overdrying as it may damage the fabric.

  1. Where to get a linen robe?

You can shop for high-quality, soft, and sustainable 100% linen robes at Linen Tales. Here the bathrobes are hand-made by linen experts using only OEKO-TEX certified, softened European linen.

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