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Quality sleep is the most direct way to well-being and high mood. Creating the right sleep environment is not only considering light, temperature but much more; this can have a massive difference between fitful dozing and a long, whole night of sleep. To make it sleep even sweeter is important what do you wear to bed. So, owning pajamas is the perfect way to improve your night's sleep. 

Pajamas are considered a perfect embrace for your body. Pajamas result from British colonists' adoption in India in the 18th and 19th centuries and the British influence on the wider Western world during the Victorian era. The first pajamas were created for men and for women - nightgowns. This grouping exists today, but a revolution of equal rights began, which led the textile industry to develop pajamas for women. The American feminists adopted the first pajamas; later, this became sleepwear for women and young girls. 

Usually, the pajama set consists of a short or long sleeve t-shirt and bottoms that can vary in length, meaning shorts or long pants. The pajamas industry has been evolving throughout the years, so, naturally, everyone loves them. 

Before you purchase your new favorite PJs, you need to look more closely into the materials that pajamas are made of. Today's market of pajamas is HUGE! You can easily find a lot of different material pajamas, for example, these:

Cotton: Consider the fact that this material is all-natural. The fabric made out of cotton is lightweight and very soft to the touch. Also, have a breathability factor, which allows the air to circulate better. If you experience a lot of sweating throughout the night, it is not the best choice because of the inefficiency of wicking away moisture. 

Silk: The thing about this fabric is that it can keep you warm when you're cold, and it can keep you cool when you're hot. While dealing with silk fabric pajamas, it usually requires dry-cleaning. Also, silk pajamas are costly, slippery, and may move around while you sleep. 

Wool: This is a perfect pajama material for colder months. But it can promote overheating. You also have to be careful if you have sensitive skin because wool can irritate the skin, cause itchiness.

Those are the most popular fabrics for pajamas, but you have to be careful when you choose them. This is the most crucial step of selecting a pajama set. Of course, it is a personal choice, but believe it or not, sleeping in linen pajama can have some health benefits because of its natural factors. This article will introduce you to the linen pajama benefits, the difference between pajamas and nightgowns, and why a man should use linen sleepwear. 

Why is linen pajama a perfect choice for sleep rituals? 

Sleep rituals at everyone's home are different. It is no surprise to anyone that we spend approximately one-third of our lives sleeping, so the importance of good quality bedding and sleepwear is considerable. 

While people are looking for the perfect sleepwear, well, we have to say, we got you covered. Linen, as we all know, is one of the world's oldest fabrics. It is made from the flax plant, which thrives without using irrigation or unnecessary chemicals to cultivate itself. That is why linen is considered the healthiest natural fiber, also is very sustainable and eco-friendly. In general, linen fabric is heavier than any other fabric. One of the most beautiful things about linen is that the fibers are thicker than any other fiber. A lower trend count is necessary to guarantee high quality and longevity. 

Linen as the fabric is long-lasting and is more durable than cotton. Using linen fabric in your bedroom, like a duvet, pillow cover, curtain, or even a throw, will create an aesthetically pleasing space with a more relaxed yet refined look, which is a perfect way to create an oasis in bedroom space. The feel of linen textile is often crisper, though through time and use, like washing the fabric, linen itself becomes softer and supple to the touch.

While talking about linen pajamas, it has the same factors as linen bedding. Linen pajamas are known for their luxurious feel, so that is why linen pajamas have these abilities:

Moisture Wicking - linen pajamas have a natural ability of moisture-wicking. It is impressive that the fabric itself can absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture. So, if you sweat a lot during nighttime, then linen pajamas are a perfect choice for you. Also, their breathability makes an excellent material for you because these abilities leave your body cool, perfect for sleeping. 

Durability - linen pajamas are one of the most durable apparel you can find on the market, and with proper care, they can last for years.

It fits for every season - the magic of this fabric is that you can use it in warmer months and colder months. This is because linen textile has temperature regulating abilities. This means that linen pajamas will retain the heat from your body, which will make you comfortable, pleasant, and cozy.

Hypoallergenic - linen pajamas are the best for you if you have susceptible skin because you can use them comfortably without any issues. 

Those are only the prime examples of why linen pajamas are good for you - a few more things about having a bedtime routine with linen pajamas. 

  1. Linen pajamas can help a scattered mind establish a healthy bedtime routine - it can sound silly, but it is true. Bedtime not only consists of a cup of tea or reading a book. Putting on a hug of comfort after a long day of work can also become a part of your routine. It is like a reminder that it is time to relax. 
  2. Linen pajamas as a signal to put down the technology - this is the golden rule of relaxation. If you slip into your linen pajamas, then all the technologies need to be turned off. We know that it can be challenging to do that, especially in this day and age, but try. Instead of using TV or phone in bed, try reading, drawing, journaling - we are sure it will help. 
  3. Linen pajamas create comfort and a sense of calm - we love to say that linen is a good hug in the form of fabric. As far as we know, nobody hates hugs. That is why putting on linen pajamas fits perfectly on your skin, regulates temperature, and makes you calmer. 

A look into your future - your favorite pajama set

We guess that you already understood that we are die-hard fans of linen pajamas or everything made out of linen. We can say that linen pajamas can be a trap; if you purchase one of them, you will most definitely rush home every night just to put them on and finally relax. 

Linen is a unique material, not only because it is old and used a lot in ancient days, but because of its abilities to your health and it is a friendly option for any season. 

The linen pajama set keeps you cool, warm, and extra comfortable.

We are going to repeat it - linen is a breathable fabric. That is why it helps to regulate your body temperature to make sure you are comfortable while sleeping. With a linen pajama set, it will be excellent on warm summer nights and winter nights; linen will help warm you up. 

But not only are these factors are the top of the list while choosing a linen pajama set. Have you ever slept in jeans? Then you know it is uncomfortable; this is the reason why we decide to sleep in pajamas. Comfort is the key to a good night's sleep. So selecting a linen pajama set, you need to look for the best set that you feel comfortable with. Linen pajama sets are loose, perfect length to allow full movement when you are asleep so that they won't irritate you. 

Linen pajama sets are stylish and colorful.

For some people style of their pajama set does not matter. But it is not only about the style, but it is also about the confidence you get while wearing your pajama set. Linen pajama sets are unique because it is affordable yet luxe-looking and keeps you cool or warm in any season.

Style and color work together. So, while you look for your new future linen pajama set, attention goes to color too. Sometimes people do not care about that. But psychologists say that the color of your pajama matters - it helps to set the mood. The best colors for pajama sets are dark blue, deep shades of green, brown shades. Most of the linen apparel comes in these tones - green, brown shades. These shades are associated with nature, calmness, and heaviness. We know that it can seem a bit unfamiliar fact on how often you need to change your pajamas; for helpful tips and tricks to keep your pajamas clean --> click here

Linen pajama vs. linen nightgown: which one to choose?

There are a lot of different types of sleepwear. Sometimes, it can be confusing which one to choose or how to tell the difference between them. We briefly mentioned to you what is pajamas in the beginning, but we are going to remind you how to tell the difference between pajamas and nightgowns

Pajamas - consists of a short or long sleeve t-shirt and bottoms that can vary in length, meaning shorts or long pants. This can be worn by everyone - women, men, or children. 

Nightgowns - is considered nightdress, which is a loosely hanging item of nightwear. Nightgowns like these are exclusively worn only by women. 

You can already see the difference between these two types of sleepwear. But there can be more pros and cons to these types. 

Linen pajama pros and cons


  1. For everyone - the beautiful thing about linen pajamas is that pajamas are for everyone - women, men, and children. To make it even better, linen is good not only for adults' health but children too, as it does not irritate the skin. 
  2. Comfortable to sleep in - the benefit of the pajama is that it does not roll up or bunch up when you sleep. So it makes you feel more comfortable and does not wake you at night.
  3. Keep you warm - different from nightgowns; it keeps you warm at night in the colder season. The reason being there is a lot of options to choose from, for example, long sleeve top and long pants, or short sleeve top and long pants, it all depends on your personal choice.


  1. Can look plain - it is sad but true. Some linen pajamas can be tedious, plain-looking. Most manufacturers prefer not to put anything on the linen pajamas to ensure they do not overshadow the natural material. 

Linen nightgown pros and cons


  1. Variety - we are not saying that pajamas do not have variety; we say that nightgowns mostly come with details, such as lace. Also, more style choices can be long sleeves, short sleeves, sleeveless nightdresses, and the overall length of the dress itself. 
  2. It is more intriguing - it can create a more sensual feel and bring out the confidence in you if it can be like self-care. The light and flowing fabric of the linen nightgown will give that feeling. 


  1. Rolling up - the most common problem of nightgowns, they can roll up during the night's sleep. Which sometimes is annoying and uncomfortable; it can ruin your good night's sleep. 
  2. Worn only by women - it can be an advantage and disadvantage at the same time. Since nightgowns are considered as dresses, usually you can see women or girls wear them. It is feminine apparel, while linen pajamas are versatile for any gender. 

We hope that this will help you to decide on which type of linen sleepwear to choose. Once you decide which one is the most comfortable, then the sleep will be the best. Learn more about our sleepwear collection.

Why do men should wear linen pajamas? 

It can be shocking at first, but men also fell in love with linen pajamas over the years. Some might still say that it is better to sleep with only boxers or with basketball shorts, but for some pajamas, especially, linen pajamas provide a piece of comfort. In general, linen creates a comforting feeling not only in the decor but also on your skin; with sleepwear & loungewear, you can feel a magical hug of comfort you need.

Linen sleepwear for men is always an excellent way to make themself feel comfortable. There is a tendency for men to wear pajamas, not only for bed. Instead, they try mixing and matching different linen loungewear or sleepwear. 

Another reason why men wear linen pajamas or loungewear is because most companies let people work from home these days. It is like new workwear. When you are at work in your home office, you can wear anything you want; it is not that official space like the office itself. 

With these few reasons in mind, you can also experiment with colors and different styles of linen sleepwear & loungewear. Meaning you can mix and match different styles, colors of apparel until you find the perfect one. 

We know how hard it is to choose a gift not only for men but in general. More and more people choose to gift something unique. So, if you want to surprise someone with an exceptional-looking gift, you should purchase a linen pajama set. There are so many options to choose from that you will find the perfect one. 


Looking for sleepwear that will give you comfort and be your favorite self-care form depends on your personal choice. If you want more benefits, you can choose linen pajamas or nightgowns. Also, the natural look that linen gives will be good for your skin and your whole family. 

We love creating new and exciting things from linen because it is such versatile material. If you want to make your chill evenings and relaxing nights more efficient, check out our Sleepwear & Loungewear collection. 




What is the best pajama set?

The best pajama set is made out of linen. There is no right or wrong pajama set while looking for them. You can always have a few more and then mix and match to find the perfect combination that gives you the best comfort.

Where to get pajama sets?

Most of the sleepwear people buy online. So, it is natural that pajama sets you can find in the online store. If you want to know more about sleepwear, check out our category.

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