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Is Linen Only Good For Summer?


When we think about linen, we most commonly see it as a highly breathable fabric for hot weather. For example, we opt for breezy linen dress or pants when the heat hits outside, we switch to linen bedding and linen sleepwear to keep us cool at night during the summer and we exchange cotton terry towels to light linen towels for our trip to the beach.

Although we agree and linen is indeed a perfect summer fabric for many reasons, we at Linen Tales see linen as a fabric suitable for all seasons.


Linen is great at climate control

It is true that linen is valued more than cotton during hot weather. And the reason is that linen absorbs more moisture than cotton before you can actually feel that the fabric is moist. Also, linen evaporates the moisture faster than cotton.

But if you think about it, the same rules apply in colder months, too. We get even colder if the weather is humid or if we sweat for any reason and our clothes get even a bit damp. And as we switch between heated indoors and cold outdoors a lot during winter, our bodies not always adapt well to all the circumstances. This is why natural fabrics, like wool and linen, might help our bodies to deal with various temperatures better than synthetic materials.

The same applies to bedding. Linen bedding helps your body to breathe freely in different conditions, preventing sweating and maintaining just the right temperature.

In photo: Forest Green Linen Bed Set + Blue Fog Linen Pillow Case


Our home is not always cold during winter

If we talk about home linen, we must not forget that winter means the heating season is on and in some cases, our home might be quite warm. That is why we advocate for using bath linen all year round. Linen towels and linen bathrobes let you dry out quickly after the shower or bath as linen is highly absorbent. But unlike thick cotton terry towels, linen towels and bathrobes dry quickly. Also, thanks to this quality, bath linen stays fresh much longer, compared to cotton items.

In photo: White Linen Waffle Towels + Light Grey Linen Waffle Towels


Linen and wool make great friends

Another great option for colder seasons is wool and linen blend. Wool adds warmth to the fabric while linen keeps the climate control properties thus creating a superb fabric to keep you comfortable while providing that extra warmth. So one option is to choose clothing or throws and blankets made from wool and cotton blend. And another trick that you can apply for clothing if layering linen and wool clothing. Try wearing a linen shirt under a sweater or a blazer that has wool in for a perfect natural fabric combo and fun, comfortable winter layering.

In photo: Navy Linen Wool Blanket + Light grey Linen Cushion Cover



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