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What Is Waffle Linen And How To Take Care Of Waffle Towels


What is a waffle weave?

Waffle towels are usually made of cotton or linen or from a blend of both. We at Linen Tales use 100% linen for our linen waffle towels and a linen cotton blend for our bathrobes, the greater part of which makes up the linen. The waffle fabric is woven in a specific way so that after washing it forms a honeycomb pattern and gets soft and fluffy.

In photo: Linen Bathrobe + Linen Waffle Towels


Benefits of linen waffle towels

Many people love linen waffle towels for different reasons and trust us, these towels really give several great reasons to love them!

- Linen waffle towels are highly absorbent. Because of the special weave and honeycomb pattern, waffle towels have a bigger surface than it looks like at first. So they are able to absorb and hold a good amount of water before it starts to feel soggy. Also, if you opt for a linen waffle towel, you have yourself a double benefit. In comparison to cotton, linen is able to absorb more water before you can feel it. Also, linen dries out quicker. So linen waffle towel does a great job in absorbing water and getting dry afterward, thus staying fresh longer than cotton towels.

- Linen waffle towels get softer after every wash. What makes these towels special is their soft texture. And the good news is that these towels get softer after every wash cycle. Because linen fibers break during the washing, they become more flexible and as a result, the fabric gets softer and fluffier.

- Linen waffle towels massage and exfoliate your skin. Honeycomb texture creates exfoliating and massaging effects while drying your skin so afterward it feels soft and refreshed. What is more, linen has hypoallergenic properties and is gentle to even the sensitive skin. That is why linen waffle towels are a great option not only for adults, but also for our little ones.

- Linen waffle towels are great for traveling. Because they are super light and compact, they are great for packing up in your suitcase of taking with you to the beach or a swimming pool.

In photo: White Honeycomb Waffle Towels + Light Grey Honeycomb Waffle Towel + Kids Linen Poncho


Washing tips

Although linen waffle towels do not require complicated care, there are few things worth having in mind to keep your towels in a top condition for a long time. Here we share our care tips:

- Both hand washing and machine washing are ok. Wash at a lower temperature of 40°C or 30°C.

- Use a gentle detergent and fabric softener. It is not necessary to use special detergents for linen, but it is even better if you do.

- Do not bleach coloured waffle towels. You can use bleach for white linen waffle towels, but avoid any chlorine bleaches. We recommend using an oxygen-based one instead.

- Dry your waffle towels flat on a terry towel, hand them or use a tumble dryer on low heat. Tumble drying might give your towels extra fluffiness, but be careful not to overheat them as it might really harm the fabric.

In photo: Honeycomb Waffle Towels



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