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As every year, we take some time to review the biggest upcoming interior design trends and present you with some ideas on how they can find a way into your home. Talking about 2021, all the main trends can be summed up by one keyword - nature. Looks like we will be seeing a lot of nature-inspired styles, earth-toned colors to natural materials. And what we like the most about it is that different trends can be combined quite harmoniously.

Without further ado, here are the TOP interior trends for 2021.

1. Bringing outdoors indoor

Blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors, this trend playfully invites us to think outside the box (of our own home). We can see more and more examples of living rooms resembling cozy patios with wicker and raw wood furniture, rough hand-woven carpets, plants on and above the ground. A little bit on a boho side, this trend is something to consider as the popularity of this theme will continue to grow. And let’s admit - who wouldn’t love to feel like lounging in the oasis that is your living room?

Find more inspiration in BRINGING OUTDOORS INDOOR Pinterest board:

2. Japandi

Our two favorite minimalisms - Scandinavian and Japanese - combined? Oh, we are so into this trend! You may have already noticed some evident similarities in both of these interior styles. So the trend encompasses light wooden furniture, clean lines, natural materials, and neutral colors. Overall, it seeks to combine subtle beauty and function to create a light and cozy space.

Eager to make your home more Japandi? Seek minimalist interior details in white, grey, and wood tones, like rattan or bamboo coffee tables and chairs, linen home textiles, like blankets, linen bedding, or table linen.

Find more inspiration in JAPANDI Pinterest board:

3. Cottagecore

One of the hottest trends this year, it is all about the unique, rustic details, with the reclaimed wood at its core. Think restored wooden floor, bare beams, vintage furniture, hand-made clay or metal accessories, and other elegant pieces you would usually find in a luxurious old cottage house. But don’t feel intimidated - this trend perfectly blends into a contemporary interior, letting you enjoy the comfort and functionality of the modern home while giving a character to the overall look.

Find more inspiration in COTTAGECORE Pinterest board:

4. More plants, please

Although we have seen different forms of flora trend in the past couple of years, nature is too much on our agenda now for this trend to leave. From a forest of tiny succulents to one gigantic monstera - anything goes for creating green oases around the house. Don’t forget about the plant pots: clay and brass pots if you are into Cottagecore trends or woven baskets and concrete pots if you have a crush on Japandi.

To extend the trend from live greenery to other interior details, look for fresh flora prints on home linen, like cushion covers, napkins, and tablecloths.

Find more inspiration in MORE PLANTS, PLEASE Pinterest board:

5. Down-to-earth tones

Another nature-inspired and quite versatile trend that you might have already picked up is an earthy color palette. It encompasses soft green shades and warm tones ranging from limestone white to soil brown, creating a calm and grounding feeling. The colors are easy to combine and can be invited into the interior in many forms.

If you love this trend but don’t feel like painting your walls in terracotta just yet, consider earth-toned textiles, like carpets, cushions, bedding, or table linen along with clay and stone vases or candleholders.

Find more inspiration on the DOWN-TO-EARTH TONES Pinterest board:

6. Transparency

Contrary to what your first thoughts might be, we will not be talking about glass-decorated furniture or open shelves. As the world gets more and more environment-focused, it changes how consumers think about the products and brands. The demand for transparency grows stronger as consumers give priority to natural materials, ethical manufacturing technologies, durable, reusable, and recyclable items.

Although it does not fully give the direction of how to style the interior, we believe this trend is by far one of the most important ones. And we are happy to say that we are on board with this trend - as a family business, we make sure our products are hand made from Europe-grown flax and most of the items are made to order.

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