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It’s so good to finally welcome the spring into our lives, isn’t it? To help you feel the most of it, we are introducing the new color collection for the Spring and Summer of 2021. Elegant and easy to match, these colors and prints are inspired by the blooming nature and soft rays of sunlight. So immerse yourself into the freshness of spring while the colors do their work.

Floral print

Can you already feel the scent of blossoming flowers? Dreamy and pastel, Floral print is the staple of the season. So if you seek ways to make your home spring-ready, look no further.

Perfect for both indoor interior as well as for outdoor picnics, a Floral print tablecloth will bring a gust of freshness and will turn your table into a flowering meadow. Floral print cushion covers, tea towels, or placemats will create subtle accents around the house. Carry the spring with you in our Floral print big bag. To bring the best out of this print, match with White for a fresh and light look, Mustard for the colorful look, or the peach and pink shades to intensify the print.


The most vivid and juicy, Tangerine is the accent color of the collection. It goes in perfect harmony with other colors and prints of the collection and can be used as a pop of color to liven up the look. Just imagine blooming flowers here and there or fragrant tangerines scattered on a picnic blanket.

Fresh and sweet, as the name gives away, this color will add a playful tone to the interior when used in a form of cushion covers or table linen-like napkins, coasters, or table runners.

Grid weave

A tribute to classics, Grid weave will easily find its place in any interior, be it rustic, modern, or styled according to some of the top home interior trends of 2021.

Beautiful on its own, Grid weave goes nicely with any solid color. Match with earth tones like Natural or Light Grey for a traditional duo. Combine with bright Apricot or Tangerine for a fresh and fun look.


From a successful debut in table and kitchen linen categories, Silver now expands to linen bedding. Although spring is considered a colorful season, we can keep the bedroom on a mellow side with a light yet neutral Silver to lighten up the atmosphere but ensure a relaxed mood. Lucid and calm, this color makes a beautiful playground for sunbeams on a sunny morning, don’t you think?

Silver is quite versatile as it combines beautifully with both neutrals and brighter colors. For a cloud-like bed, mix it with white bedding. Or match Silver duvet cover with Cafe Creme or Almond pillowcases if you are up for something more colorful.

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