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Children are the most precious tiny human beings in this world. No wonder that we always go above and beyond to ensure that our little pills of happiness are wearing, sleeping, playing with things that are made from the best and safe materials. 

Naturally, we make sure that the safeness of material is considered from the early stages of childhood. That is why it is essential to look for things that are regarded as baby linen. In general, baby linen can be clothes, sheets, towels, etc. Anything that you consider to put your kids in it. So, to ensure that baby linen is the best for your children, you need to take a closer look at the materials.

Now, most health specialists recommend using only natural materials, like linen or cotton, for children. But there is a tendency that most parents nowadays tend to lean to linen material for their children. 

Linen is a versatile material. Not only is it suitable for adults but children as well. For example, from linen material on the market, you can find clothes, bedding, toys, bathrobes, and so on for children - everything to ensure that children are safe. 

baby linen

So, if you consider the bedding material for your child, we can say that linen is the best choice for your child. Well, linen is suitable for sensitive skin. Children's skin is generally more sensitive than adults, so it is best to let your kids sleep in linen bedding as that won't irritate their skin.

As you can see, linen is quite a versatile material when it comes to children. This article will tell you more about the benefits of baby linen, the safety of the material itself, how to care for baby linen and create a cozy atmosphere with linen. 

Baby linen vs. Baby cotton. Which is better for your little one?

We mentioned in the beginning that linen is now considered the go-to material for children. But some people still don't let go of the cotton material. That is why between these two types, baby linen, and baby cotton, there are many hot debates on which one is better. Well, we are not going to deny that both of these high-quality fabrics are suitable for children. But it can be a tough decision to make. To put everything into perspective, you first need to learn about the differences between baby linen and baby cotton. 

Most parents will try to find the best suitable material for their children, so here are three questions you need to answer before deciding on the material for your child:

  1. Fabric breathability. Which is more breathable for children's clothing - linen or cotton?

The breathability factor of any material, no matter if it is linen or cotton, is essential. Well, both of these materials are breathable, but linen is considered more breathable than cotton. Why is that? Linen clothing or any other linen piece has better temperature regulating abilities. Linen can keep your child warm in cooler months and cool in warmer months. 

  1. Kids bedding. Which one is more suitable - linen or cotton?

Most people believe that linen bedding is only suitable for the warm season, and in cooler seasons, you have to change to cotton bedding. Well, this is a myth - linen has temperature regulating prospects, that is why linen material is the one for bedding when it comes to children. It has the correct breathability factor. It is the best choice for sensitive children's skin because it has a hypoallergenic factor.

kids linen bedding

  1. The cultivating process of materials. Why does it matter?

It is not a secret that both materials are natural, which is a plus considering not everything is suitable for children. But the cultivation process is necessary too, and you have to look if the material is appropriately cultivated. Usually, cotton manufacturers use pesticides to kill bacteria; cotton is considered quite dangerous for children's health. 

If you are still unsure if baby linen is the best fit for your children, here are some more comparisons of the materials to make the final decision: 

Safe baby linen - why do certifications matter?

We briefly mentioned that the cultivation processes of linen and cotton are different. But there is more to that. While looking for baby linen, you need to consider the safeness of the linen fabric itself. 

Many scientists have proved that organic linen fabric for children can prevent a series of health problems. So, as you know, linen fabric is made out of flax plants. This plant, in general, has unique bacteriologic properties; that is why it is hard for germs or fungi to take root on linen fabric. This is an excellent factor because linen fabric is considered a go-to fabric for children who have allergies. 

Also, linen fabric is a perfect and eco-friendly fabric that is a natural sanitizer. While being cultivated, there is no need to use pesticides or herbicides to ensure that flax plants are bacteria-free before making it into the fabric. These chemicals are nasty for anyone's health, especially children. 

Not only does the cultivation process of linen material matter, but it also matters the certificates of the baby linen providers. There are two major linen fabric certificates that you need to take a look into. In Europe, the European Flax Certificate is necessary, and the global certificate that is considered equal to the European one is OEKO-TEX standard 100. Linen Tales™ has both credentials and follows regulations for safe fabrics for kids. 

oeco text certificate

European Flax Certificate - is a regulation format that Linen Tales™ follows. This certificate makes sure that the linen fabric is the highest quality you can find on the market and that the piece made from linen is environmentally friendly. And the most important is the safeness of the linen fabric itself. Since Linen Tales™ makes linen pieces for kids, too, it is guaranteed that this fabric for your kids is safe to use. 

OEKO-TEX standard 100 - is a regulation format that Linen Tales™ follows and is considered a global standard. This certificate means that every piece you get for your children from Linen Tales™ is tested for any harmful substances that can be dangerous for your children. 

Creating a cozy baby nursery with linen

We love linen, so it is no secret that linen pieces are a must-have in your life from the early stages. As for children, it does not matter the material that they have on, they do not understand that yet, but for any parent out there, it is a consideration that you need to take in. So, dressing your kids in linen clothing or having them sleep in linen bedding is the most beneficial thing for their skin and health.

Babies' skin is soft and sensitive, so your kids deserve the loving touch of natural fabric, and no material comes close to loving your kid's skin as much as linen. So, here are a few baby linen items that you can put in your baby nursery to create coziness:

Linen kid's bedding. While being little bundles of joy, these tiny human beings spend most of their time in beds sleeping. So, it is natural that you need good bedding for sleeping. The best factor of linen bedding is that this is a naturally anti-bacterial material. So you do not have to worry about the bacteria that are living on your children's sheets. It is beneficial if your kid is suffering from allergies. Linen kid's bedding creates a microclimate for the skin and also maintains natural pH levels. 

Linen itself has a unique quality of temperature-regulating, which is good for a good child's night's sleep. Linen bedding for little ones' will make sure that your kids are cozy and warm during the chilly nights and that they are relaxed and comfortable on humid nights. 

baby linen pillowcase

Kids linen pillowcases. One of the essential things while decorating your baby's nursery is pillowcases. It can be confusing why this is important, but your kids are sleeping on them and the fact that it needs to endure a lot. So, to ensure that the pillowcases will stay long enough and take a lot - linen pillowcases are the way to go. Linen is known as the world's strongest natural fiber and is far more durable than cotton.

Kids linen care items. Since linen is such a versatile material, you can find a lot of different baby linen accessories to put in your baby's nursery. For example, a linen toiletry bag. This is a simple way to keep everything you need for your little one and one more thing with these particular linen pieces that you can take with you anywhere you go; it is always packed with the goodies for your children's care. 

How to keep baby linen-fresh clean?

There is a common misconception that baby linen is impossible to clean from any stain that your little one left. We say it is not that hard. Caring for linen, in general, is easier than it looks, and like this, you will have a linen piece that will last you for years to come. 

It is a fact that most parents that have baby linen for their children sometimes do not know the process of cleaning linen and how to keep it fresh every time your children use it. So, here are a few tips on how to care for baby linen:

  • Preparation for a wash - stain removal. This is a significant step out of all because our little one can be messy and stain the clothing or bedding with various stains. So, to spot-clean them before washing them is a way to go. There are quite a few ways to get stains out of baby linen: water and dish soap. It will remove grease or oil out of linen without damage to the fabric. 
  • Washing settings. We told you the preparation was necessary, well this is more crucial than that. Some manufacturers say it is okay to wash linen in 140℉ (60℃), but if you want to avoid the shrinkage of linen, we recommend washing linen in lukewarm water - 104℉ (40℃). You need to wash it separately from all the other fabrics when washing linen. So washing it alone gives the linen more room in the water, it helps to become cleaner.
  • Drying the baby linen. The technology lets us machine dry every piece of linen, but the ideal would be hang-drying for the baby linen and all linen, in general. This prevents wrinkling. If you do not have the option, you can dry in the dryer on a low setting. 

kids linen washing

The process of cleaning baby linen is relatively simple. It would be best to get the stains before doing anything, and everything is according to the instructions. For more tips on washing the baby linen or linen, in general, check this blog out.


Looking for baby linen that will give your little one comfort and benefit them is essential. All-natural material will be a perfect fit for your children's sensitive skin and can prevent allergies. 

We love creating new and exciting things from linen because it is such versatile material. If you want to make your children smile, never leave their faces to check our Kids category.





  1. How to clean baby linen?

The process of cleaning baby linen is relatively simple. The most crucial step is to stain clean the fabric before you wash it in the washing machine. If you want your linen to serve you a long time, make sure you put it on the gentle cycle in the washing machine, and the temperature is no hotter than 104℉ (40℃).

  1. What does baby linen mean?

Baby linen is clothes, bedding, towels, care items, etc. Anything that you can put your kids in or make sure is safe to use for them. 

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How to clean baby linen?

The process of cleaning baby linen is relatively simple. The most crucial step is to stain clean the fabric before you wash it in the washing machine. If you want your linen to serve you a long time, make sure you put it on the gentle cycle in the washing machine, and the temperature is no hotter than 104℉ (40℃).

What does baby linen mean?

Baby linen is clothes, bedding, towels, care items, etc. Anything that you can put your kids in or make sure is safe to use for them.