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We all know that cleaning kids' clothing, bedsheets, or the things that kids use can be quite a task. But all parents have some tricks up their sleeves on how to clean everything. We admire every parent out there trying to make everything suitable for their children. So, to help you cope with everything, we decided to create this care instruction guide for kids' linen

Spot-clean your children's linen pieces

Keeping linen fresh and clean is not that hard. Since children are a bit clumsy, they tend to get a lot of stains on the linen clothing or even bedding and other linen pieces. So, naturally, before throwing in the washing machine, you need to spot-clean the linen pieces. If you have some stains, you can use warm water and a dish soap mixture to get the stains out. 


Washing kids' linen pieces

The next thing in cleaning children's linen pieces is washing. It is the most critical part of kids' linen - care. Even though adults also have sensitive skin, children's skin is easier to damage or irritate. Washing children's linen pieces and, in general, linen fabric, do not use powder detergent. It can stay in the fibers and irritate the skin. It is better to use mild liquid detergent. As for the scent of the detergent, it is better to use fragrant-free, as the smell can cause irritation and other problems for children. For the settings, use the gentle cycle, and the temperature should be no more than 104 ℉ (40 ℃) if you want your linen to serve you a long time.

Wrinkles or no wrinkles

Linen has wrinkles naturally. No matter how much effort you will put into the drying process to make sure the wrinkles are not visible, it won't make any difference because linen is naturally wrinkly. So, to make sure you don't see any wrinkles, you can iron the linen. 

Ironing linen is simple. Make sure you have an iron that has a steam setting. Use the highest temperature that linen can have on the iron, and make sure your linen is a little damp before ironing. Without wrinkles, it will look neat, so people usually iron linen clothes. But most people leave the bedsheets with wrinkles as it gives more of a rust charm.

kids bedding

Storing your kids' linen pieces

The last thing in caring for children's linen pieces is storing them - store linen in a dry and cool place. Make sure your linen pieces are completely dry before storing because it can create mold and mildew growth if you store damp linen pieces. Make sure that colored linen pieces are kept away from the natural sunlight cause it can lighten the clothing. If the linen pieces are white - it is okay to put them in direct sunlight. It can brighten the fabric as a natural bleaching agent. 

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