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How To Decorate The Baby Nursery In 5 Easy Steps


Decorating a baby nursery might seem like an engaging task. And while it truly is, when the time comes, it might get a little overwhelming. Options and decisions are endless as the cute ideas wrestle with functionality. Here are a few tips to help you get on track with what is important.


In photo: Botany Print Kids Quilt


1. Get inspired

As with all the decorating projects, start with research. Browse pictures for visual inspiration, make a Pinterest board with nursery interiors, themes, colors, and details that you like.

This way you will start to imagine how the nursery should look like plus you will have everything in one place if you need to check some of the ideas later.


2. Get the basics

Thinking about the toys, wall art or decorative cushions is fun but it’s best to start with the most important pieces. First, the crib. There are many options out there, so choose wisely, like a crib that can be transformed into a toddler bed later.

Second, the changing unit. It is not necessary to buy a special changing table as what you need is a flat surface and the right height. Opt for an easily washable linen change mat to ensure the baby’s comfort. Also, don’t forget to have a trash can nearby and see if you will have everything you need comfortably at hand.

This brings us to storage. Our little ones have a lot of clothes, accessories, and stuff, in general, to keep them clean, healthy, and happy. So you might want to have plenty of storage space for it all. Think about a dresser and a shelf, that would be positioned in an easy to reach the place.

Last, pick a comfortable armchair or rocking chair where you would feed the baby. You might probably get around without it, but it is nice to have a private and comfortable place for feeding.



3. Functionality is your best friend

All the beauty and decorations might be put to the side once the baby arrives as the functionality will be your biggest helper, at least at first. Arranging the basic furniture is the key. Make sure you will have the necessary items at hand, like a dresser at arm’s length from the changing station.

Also, think about how light moves in the room during the day and opt for shades or curtains that would help you ensure the room is dark enough when the baby sleeps even in the day time. If you go for wallpaper, consider a washable one in case things get messy or if your little one finds out that painting on walls is a great way of self-expression.

White furniture and rugs are pretty in pictures but they might change their initial appearance pretty fast so make a priority for something that is easy to clean and will hide stains.


In photo: Sage Linen Cuddle Cloth / Blue Fog Quilt


4. Be smart about the textiles

With many cute and adorable beddings and blankets around, it’s easy to get lost. But remember, that your little one will appreciate the comfort more than the beauty, especially with textiles.

For things that will have long contact with skin, always choose natural fabrics, like linen or wool. Linen bedding adapts to the body temperature and is hypoallergenic, and linen bathrobes and towels are great as they are quick to absorb the moisture and quick to evaporate it.

Have a natural fabric cuddle cloth in the crib as babies love to cuddle and play with them. Baby blankets are also handy as they can be used as a light cover during warmer weather or can be used with duvet for extra warmth.


In photo: Botany Print Linen Fitted Sheet / Cafe Creme Linen Cuddle Cloth


5. Decoration

This part is probably the one where you can let your imagination run free and introduce the toys, wall art, photos, and so on. One thing to consider: lights and lamps might as well be decoration, but they are super important. Add multiple light sources so that you could light all the space and only a portion of the room when needed. Don’t forget to have a nightlight as you will need this when you return to the nursery multiple times during the night.

And the rest is up to you! Use your creativity and don’t rush it - the baby will be just fine even if you don’t have that hand-woven rug on time.

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