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Linen Tales + Japan: One-Size Linen Clothing Collection, Bringing Unisex Wear Beyond Simple Basics


Unisex clothing is something that has been around in the fashion industry for some time now. But to make a unisex collection that would go beyond the simple basics is quite a challenge. Nevertheless, when the idea came from our partners in Japan, we instantly knew we were up for this challenge.

For this collection, we collaborated with a Japanese designer Hiromi Wakayama, who has worked with well known Japanese brands like “Journal Standard“ and “Muji“. And although we are used to Japanese precision, this collaboration demanded a great devotion and attentiveness to details. Several types of linen fabric were carefully chosen after many visits to various linen mills. And because different types of linen react differently to washing, drying, and other treatments, steps of the manufacturing process were carefully chosen after many trials and testings.

This collection is a combination of Japanese esthetics and Lithuanian linen tradition. And as both cultures have a deep connection with nature, it inspired the whole color palette and even the names of garments. The linen fabric was perfect for this collection as it dictates loose silhouettes and doesn’t constrain body movements nor the personality of the wearer. The pieces encourage different people to share one garment but find their own unique way of wearing it.

Although this collection is based on a unisex concept, we realized that it is close to impossible to make a piece of clothing that would fit both petit Japanese woman and a tall Scandinavian man. So for most of the pieces, we introduced two sizes - S/M and L/XL.

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