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Linen Clothing For Kids: A Thoughtful And Comfortable Collection


In photo: Seagull Bomber

Last year we happily introduced to you our Linen Tales KIDS collection of home linen for our little ones. And instantly we knew we have to go beyond that. So now, with great excitement, we present to you the collection of linen clothing for kids. Created with much thought and consideration for both comfort and versatility, this collection is made using 100% OEKO-TEX certified stonewashed linen, that is safe and gentle to even those with sensitive skin.

In photo: Crane Dress

In photo: Woodpecker Shirt, Loon Romper

One of our main goals was to ensure that each garment is as comfortable and easy to wear as possible. We know how active kids can be and how irritating it is for them to be dressed in something less comfy. That is why we made sure our clothing lets them move freely as possible and doesn’t constrain movement, be it a dress, jacket or trousers. Waistbands and buttons work as smart details making it easier to get dressed without much fuss so there is more time left to play.

In photo: Crane Dress / Swan Dress / Sparrow Blouse / Swallow Skirt / Loon Romper

Aside from comfortable design, this collection is made mostly using natural softened linen which we consider to be one of the most comfortable fabrics to wear, both for kids and adults. Contrary to a popular belief, linen is not only suitable for summer. Because linen allows free air circulation and is highly absorbent, it can be worn on its own in summer and layered with other fabrics during colder seasons. And the durability of this fabric will leave garment looking good after many washing cycles that kids’ clothing usually undergoes.

In photo: Wood Grouser T-Shirt / Peewit Trousers

In photo: Crane Dress / Swan Dress

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