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Inspiring Easter Table Decor Ideas


Easter is just around the corner and if you are looking for ideas on how to decorate your Easter table this year, we got you covered. Having in mind the latest home interior trends of 2020, we have prepared several ideas that we hope will inspire you to bring a fully blooming spring to your table.


Green accents

Spring is all about vitality and a new season of life when nature is waking up and greeting us with beautiful springs and blossoms. So when would be a better time to celebrate this than Easter?

Bring much missed green color to your Easter table with different forms of greenery. You can add green table linen accents, from green linen tablecloth to smaller details like green linen napkins or placemats. Feel free to mix and match different shades of green from deeper forest green to lighter sage.

Decorate your table with budding tree branches, fresh flowers or use freshly sprouted seeds that will look beautiful placed in little plates or bowls. If your sprouts are edible, like radish, mustard, broccoli and so, don’t forget to place little scissors next to them on the table as these sprouts are a tasty and healthy salad topping!


In photos: Moss Green Linen Napkins + Moss Green Linen Table Runner + Moss Green Linen Coasters + White Linen Tablecloth + White Linen Kitchen Towel


Black and white

If you are aiming for a modern minimalist table setting this Easter, we suggest you look into that black and white interior trend and tweak it a bit. Here are some ideas:

- Place a classic white tablecloth and then play around with contrasting details, like linen table runners, napkins and tableware.

- To soften the look for the spring festivity, we suggest switching black details to dark gray or darker faded green color.

- In a matching dark vase put a bouquet of white flowers.

- Use food as a decor element. Instead of adding quail eggs in the salad prior to serving, hard boil them and place in little bowls. Everyone will be able to take as many, as they like and patterned eggs themselves will become a beautiful table decoration.


In photos: White Linen Tablecloth + White Linen Napkins



Greet spring with a blossoming table. Romantic but not too sweet, the floral trend will help you create a booming garden right on your table. And there are many ways how to incorporate flowers into your Easter table setting.


In photo: Birds Print Linen Napkins + Birds Print Linen Tablecloth + Ash Linen Napkins + White Linen Table Runner


Choose table linen with flowery prints. You can opt for a printed tablecloth and then add single-colored napkins and placemats or do it vice versa - go for a single-colored tablecloth and then play around with flower printed napkins, placemats and table runners.


In photo: Moss Green Linen Kitchen Towel


Add bouquets of fresh flowers to your table. But also, use loose flowers by placing a blossom on everyone’s plate or napkin. If you are planning to bring the dessert on the table, let it be decorated with live flowers. Use edible flowers for your salad.



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