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We at Linen Tales strongly believe that the use of linen can not only make our daily lives beautiful but also shift our mindset towards a more sustainable and responsible living. For this reason, we want our clients to be sure that by choosing Linen Tales, they choose high-quality, sustainable products that are friendly to their bodies as well as to the environment. Simply put, we want our clients to feel proud about using Linen Tales products.

That’s why we are excited to announce that Linen Tales received a EUROPEAN FLAX® certificate! Let us tell you more about what this is and what it means to you as a customer.

european flax certificate

High quality

EUROPEAN FLAX® label certifies traceability at each step of the linen processing. Each party, involved in the processing of linen is audited and afterward commits to certain criteria regarding their work. It means, that when you use a product, marked with the EUROPEAN FLAX® label, you can be sure every step of the process - from flax sowing to a final duvet cover sewing - meets high standards of quality.

Environmentally friendly

We all are more and more aware of how the products we use impact the environment. We at Linen Tales do our best to keep our supply chain local, using high-quality European linen from surrounding countries and producing our products locally in our own facility or with local trusted partners. Now, having the EUROPEAN FLAX® certificate, we can strongly assure you that the linen fabric we use is made from flax which is grown with respect to the environment. Flax producers, who sigh the EUROPEAN FLAX® Charter, commit themselves to grow flax with zero irrigation, zero waste, and GMO-free, thus reducing their ecological footprint.

Safe to you

Along with the wonderful news about the EUROPEAN FLAX® certificate, we want to remind you that all the linen we use for our products also has the OEKO-TEX certificate. It guarantees that only non-toxic materials are used in the production of linen fabric. In other words, it makes our products suitable to use in contact with human skin and is safe for both adults and children.

We hope knowing this will keep you sound asleep in your Linen Tales linen bedding.  

 linen fabric

What wonderful news to share with you it was!

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