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All good things come to an end and so does the summer. But let’s make the most out of the remaining month to rest, relax, and get energized for the coming seasons. Many pleasurable and mood-boosting activities are available to us during summer, from swimming in the sea and doing sports to reading books in the park or picnicking with friends. But did you know that enjoying something does not only benefit us while we’re awake but also when we’re asleep? Our mood is closely related to our sleep quality, meaning that a good slumber improves our mood during the day while a good mood leads to us falling asleep faster and sleeping better.

We at Linen Tales just love love love a good night’s sleep. Probably that is why most of our team members name linen bedding as one of their all-time favorite linen products. But instead of asking for tips on better sleep, we asked some of our team members to share their favorite summer activities that they always enjoy. So read on for some ideas on how to enjoy the last month of the summer and improve your sleep while imply boosting your mood.

Jolita, our studio administrator with a sincere love for nature

Spending time in nature is refreshing and calming, so while the weather is sunny and warm we should aim to do more of that. That is why Jolita loves making picnics with her family and friends. This way she can enjoy good company, good weather and tasty food made with seasonal goods. Jolita suggests taking that extra step to make a beautiful picnic setting with a linen tablecloth, napkins, or other table linen, your favorite tableware, and even some fresh flowers. It doesn’t cost much effort but creates a magical experience for everyone.

linen white tablecloth for summer picninc

Boris, our CEO and art enthusiast

Finding time for a good book or a magazine is essential for Boris, although sometimes tricky. Browsing through a captivating art book or diving into an exciting novel can please our esthetic needs, lust for adventure, and simply take us worlds away from where we are. Boris loves to celebrate these precious moments with a book by finding a comfortable spot on a sofa, surround himself with cozy cushions, and enjoying a tasty snack or a cup of coffee as he reads.

Emilija, our project manager and chocolate aficionado

Slow summer mornings in the soft sunlight are the best. That is why Emilija appreciates spending weekend mornings having breakfast in bed. Depending on the mood she prepares a hearty breakfast or simply tosses together something tasty, grabs a cup of strong brew, and enjoys her morning wrapped in soft linen bedding. As a little twist on the usual morning routine, Emilija suggests switching your regular cup of joe to natural, strong, and mood-boosting cocoa.

modern linen bedding

Elvana, our garment and fashion product manager and a maker of incredibly tasty desserts

Picking fresh berries never loses its magic. Elvana loves to save a bit of this summery feeling for the colder seasons by making a jar of jam from berries that she freshly picked herself or bought at the local farmers’ market. Being a cooking enthusiast, Elvana loves putting on her favorite linen apron, rolling up her sleeves, and spending some time putting freshly made jam and warm summer memories into a jar. How wonderful it will be to open this jar in winter!

Urtė, our co-CEO with a passion for a good book and a good cup of coffee

Summer is the season to enjoy all the tasty goods, grown in natural sunlight. Urtė says that during summer her weekend mornings are spent strolling in a local food market, filling a big linen bag with fresh, locally grown produce. For her, this is not simply shopping but a pleasurable journey full of discovering new tastes, enjoying colors and textures, smelling different kinds of tomatoes, or tasting local cheese. A quick stop at the local bakery for a handmade loaf of bread is a must.

big linen bag

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