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Nowadays, comfort is essential. To be able to go home and be relaxed is the goal you look at every day. Since the cooler season is here, most evenings are spent with a family and a hot cup of tea. These include the ritual you can have for cozy evenings. But one thing that makes the difference is linen throw

 In general, throws are a versatile type of blanket. Throw blankets are smaller than the blankets that can cover the entire bedsheet, and you can tuck yourself in. Linen throws usually are used for wrapping around your shoulders while you read something or give you more an extra layer for your cold feet. 

 Linen throws can serve for aesthetics and functionality. That is why you can find many unique options of throw blankets based on these factors: patterns, colors, or materials. Here are the materials that throws are usually made of:

 Cotton. The natural fiber is soft, comfortable, and breathable. It is plush and gentle to the touch. That is why it is loved by many for throws. It can come in a variety of colors and patterns. 

 Linen. A natural fiber soft, very breathable fabric made from flax plants. Linen throws are excellent at moisture wicking and temperature regulation, which means that they will adjust to your body temperature and keep you warm or cool. Usually, linen throws can come in different colors. Also, there are other linen fabric choices for throws: plain linen throws, and waffle linen throws. Plain linen throws are regular linen fabric without any added unique texture, while waffle linen is a more textured linen fabric, making linen throw thicker and warmer. 

 Wool. A fleece fabric of lambs, sheep, goats, etc. This type of throw is very warm, so usually, most people use it in the winter season. The downside of this material is that it is not always 100% machine washable. 

 Cashmere. This fabric is made from fine and soft wool of goat. It has a comfy and luxurious feel to it. It is considered lightweight but just like wool can keep you warm. The negative side of throws made out of this fabric is that you need to dry-clean them. 

linen throw

With these materials in mind, you now have a better understanding of what a throw is made of. But not only this is the factor for you choose one. The places where you can put the throw is essential. Since this is a slightly smaller version of a blanket, throws can be used in the bedroom, living room, outside - on the beach, as a covering for you to sit on while having a pick-nick. The possibilities are endless. Please read below to find the reason why linen is the best material for a throw. 

Beautiful and simple ways to style linen throw in your bedroom

Besides the beauty and comfort of the linen throw, you need to look at the functionality side of it too. Sometimes linen throws are described as texture in a room, as a piece of art, or fuild over a body; it is truly a chameleon that can adapt to any situation and styling option you put in. 

The most popular place to put your linen throw is in the bedroom. The beauty of a linen throw in the bedroom usually creates a relaxing and calm atmosphere. It can be considered a luxe item that provides warmth to such an intimate place of your home. Linen throws are ideal for keeping a single person snug. 

bed linen throw

We know the importance of a good relaxing time. An occasional lie-in during the day to shake off tiredness away is one of the things that you can do easily with the linen throw. If you pair it with bed linen or linen cushion covers, it will give you the best experience ever. When you are not using a linen throw, you can't just put them anywhere. Usually, these are great additions to the style of your bedroom. For example, there are four simple ways to style your linen throw in your bedroom:

Style #1. Place your linen throw at the edge of your bed. 

This particular style method is the easiest out of all. All you have to do is to fold your linen throw and place it on the foot of your bed. If you have a twin bed, it will be enough to cover even the sides of the bed with the linen throw. If you have a bigger bed, place it in the middle of the foot of the bed so that it won't create a messy look. 

Style #2. Diagonal linen throw fold. 

This folding style for linen throw is simple too. All you have to do is to fold your linen throw in half or thirds and drape it on one of the corners of the foot of your bed. Symmetry is good, but an asymmetrical look will give more of an inviting look. Also, it takes minimal effort to create an atmosphere in your bedroom that will look comfortable and relaxing. 

Style #3. The corner linen throw.

It can sound confusing, but this style is more of a messy style. Why though? Because the messier it is, the more it is pleasing to the eye. With this styling, option fold the linen throw lengthwise and fold it in half, which you can place on the corner edge of the bed. And remember, do not fold it perfectly smooth.

Style #4. Lay your linen throw out entirely on your bed. 

This one is simply because you don't need to fold it uniquely. You have to lay the linen throw on the center of the bed to give a more symmetrical look; it will also give the bedroom more of a calming vibe. The beauty behind this is that you don't need to buy a new linen throw; you can use an old one.

Your sofa's best buddy - linen throw. How to make the living room space more inviting?

Cherishing the comfort of your bed can affect the quality of your relaxing time but what out other places of your home. Other spaces in your house, like the living room, are also is a perfect place to relax or read a book. One of the essential parts of the living room is the feel and vibe you get when you come in, so you need to make sure that the decorations or accessories create this calm and relaxing atmosphere. 

One of the ways to lift the vibe in your living room is by using a linen throw. It is a perfect piece of fabric to curl up in on your sofa. Linen throw with the addition of linen cushion covers can be the ideal match to make your sofa more inviting to spend the evening there. It is such a versatile piece of fabric. To keep it simple for you, we made a list of our favorite ways to style your living room sofa with linen throws:

  1. Prim + Proper. 

This is a sophisticated style for linen throw. It is a neatly folded linen throw that you can put on your sofa. All you need to do is drape it over the back of the couch, on the place you can decide for yourself. It doesn't have to be precisely in the center; you can do off-center. It all depends on your personal choice. We suggest you try to see the placement and then decide where to place it. Also, this folding style requires precision if you want to achieve sophisticated and elegant aesthetics. 

  1. Keep it Low.

This one is more informal than the first one. It can create more of a casual style than elegant and sophisticated. You can easily do this by folding your linen throw lengthwise into thirds and then halving it in the other direction. The placement of this style is effortless. Just drape it over the armrest, the shorter parcel on the inside of the sofa, and the longer on the outside of the couch.

linen throw on sofa

  1. Basket Case.

This one is for our lazy people. We understand that folding sometimes can take time, or you don't like that neat look. So, the suggestion is to have a basket next to the sofa or somewhere in the living room. All you have to do is toss the linen throw inside, and that's it! If you still want to have the messy yet cute look of the linen throw inside the basket, pull out the ends of the throw from the basket to hang on the edge. 

  1. Perfect Imperfections. 

It is considered an effortless look. Why? Because there is only one technique you have to follow to achieve this - pinch the linen throw at its center, then drag it over one of the back corners of the sofa. If this is too complicated the loosely fold the throw half lengthwise, it should do the trick. After you do this step, you can pat the space to even a little bit the linen throw, and on top of that, you can place cushions covered in linen cushion covers; it will create more of a relaxing and inviting look. If you are unsure how to style with linen cushion covers, check our blog about this.  

More cozy cuddle with soft linen throws touches. 

While deciding on what throw to purchase, we highly suggest looking at the benefits of the fabric itself. For example, linen is generally known for its natural gifts, but there is one myth that people sometimes trust and are afraid to give linen fabric a chance. 

Linen is not soft. This massive misconception is that linen fabric is not as smooth as other fabrics, such as cotton. This can be true if you purchase cheap, poor-quality linen, but when you purchase linen throw from a reputable manufacturer who sources the best flax, you'll see that the piece that you got is softer than ever. Also, the linen fabric becomes even softer with each wash. 

Keep that in mind while we tell you how linen throw creates more coziness in every corner of your house. It is not a secret that linen throws are the accents that everyone needs in their houses. So, it not only will keep you warm on chilly autumn evenings but also can become a creative way to create the perfect vibe either in the bedroom, living room, or even your children's room. 

kids linen blanket

The beautiful thing about linen throws is that it has many health benefits and fits every family member. Here are a few pointers to remember while looking for the perfect linen throw:

Softness. We have already debunked the fact that linen fabric can be harsh - it is not valid. The unique thing about linen throws is made softer than any other linen piece, but they will become softer and softer with every wash. 

Hypoallergenic. Since linen is a natural material, it is made out of flax plants; this makes linen one of the most precious materials for people with severe allergies, especially children. The anti-bacterial characteristic does not let any germs stay in the fabric. 

Suitable for sensitive skin. It is beneficial if you have acne-prone skin or susceptible face skin because it will not create any discomfort for you, and you will have an excellent cuddle buddy for any chilly evening. 

Warming. Linen has temperature regulating prospects; that is why linen material is the one for keeping you warm on a chilly evening. It has the correct breathability factor. Also, linen throws will create a perfect temperature according to your body, keeping you warm and cozy. 

Long-lasting. Linen throws are one of the most durable throws you can find on the market, and with proper care, they can last for years. So, no matter how much you cuddle with your linen throw, it will last you for a long time. 


We presented you with the benefits and styling options for linen throws. Of course, there is no correct formula for choosing one, it all depends on your style and the vibe you want to create. All you have to do is see if linen throw is the one you feel most comfortable and relaxed with. 

Our love for linen encourages us to create more and present you with more exciting linen pieces. Check out our linen throw collection → here.





  1. How to wash a linen throw?

The process of cleaning linen throws is relatively simple. If you want your linen to serve you a long time, make sure you put it on the gentle cycle in the washing machine, and the temperature is no hotter than 104℉ (40℃). And if you have any stains on your beautiful linen throw, make sure you spot-clean them before washing. 

  1. What is linen throw?

Linen throws are smaller versions of linen blankets. Linen throws usually are used for wrapping around your shoulders while you read something or give you more an extra layer for your cold feet. It can serve for aesthetics and functionality.

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