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The Christmas season is by far one of our favorites of all seasons. We love the festive mood that this magical time gives to us. For us decorating your surroundings during Christmas is a must. Let’s face it, as soon as Halloween ends, we all get into that festive, magical mood. Imagine the beautiful decorations of your house, or yard, or windows that are decorated with Christmas lights, the beautiful Christmas tree, candles, table setting inside of your home, etc. 

So it is clear - if you want to create a festive holiday mood, you need decorations. What better decoration than Christmas linen. We understand that it can sound cliche, but it is true - linen has become one of the staples in the Christmas decorating process. In general, Christmas linen consists of different pieces, like napkins, table runners, placemats, tea towels, cushion covers, aprons, etc. The thing is, you can find so many Christmas linen that the list can go and go; it is all because linen fabric is one of the most versatile fabrics in the whole world.  

christmas linen

We briefly mentioned that linen had become one of the staples in the Christmas decorating process, but why, though? If to put in simple words - coziness and beauty. Linen, in general, is considered one of the luxurious fabrics, and to decorate with that will not only create a festive mood but provide your home with a sense of nature, cozy and inviting look. Also, it will be a perfect decoration piece that is easy to care for. 

We will talk about how to decorate the table with linen, linen stockings and their meaning for kids, and the importance of decorating Christmas trees with natural ornaments. 

Christmas linen color scheme for decorating

Christmas doesn’t feel like Christmas without having something that represents this holiday. First of all, when you think about Christmas, you think about color. What do we mean by color? It’s not douted that you already know that traditional Christmas colors are red, green, and white. Before we dive into the meaning of these colors, you need to know the origins of these color usage. 

These colors are linked to a different holiday - the winter solstice. This is a Celtic tradition, and Celtic people believed that Holly plants brought beauty and good fortune in the middle of winter. That is why their homes were filled with red and green plants; this way, they can promote a prosperous new year. As time went this habit of Celtic people of putting up red and green plants transformed into a decoration staple in the winter for a whole world. 

One more important thing is that there is the meaning behind every color that you see at Christmas time, especially the traditional ones:

The green color symbolizes evergreen plants, such as Holly, Ivy, and Mistletoe. Mistletoe is one of the traditional Christmas symbols. The evergreen plants are used to decorate and brighten up buildings during long dark winter. Another beautiful meaning behind this color is that it acts as a reminder that spring eventually comes and winter won’t be forever. Even though the green color is in evergreen plants, you can see more diversity now, like linen decorations. For example, at Linen Tales™, you can find Christmas linen pieces in Moss Green, representing the evergreen plants. 

christmas colors

The red color symbolizes the early use of apples on the paradise tree or Holly berries as they were used in the early ages before the ornaments were created. The primarily red color is associated with Santa Claus, or candy canes, or stockings. Who does not like that? That is the whole Christmas spirit. So, as for linen decor, at Linen Tales™, you can find pieces in Red Pear color that will create this wholesome look and bring the look together. 

White color symbolizes purity and peace. Also, our personal favorite - snow. Who does not love to play around in the snow? Even though white is used every day, using Christmas linen pieces in white color will give a sense of peace and help you reflect on the good things in life. Of course, in-home decoration white color is a perfect combining prospect. 

We didn’t mention all the colors, but these are the most popular to decorate your house during the Christmas season. Also, don’t forget other decoration pieces, like stars, angles, bells. Even though these are little symbols, but they can tie a look together. 

Christmas table linen decoration ideas

As you know, linen is considered one of the most versatile materials in this world. Well, of course, for Christmas, table settings have to be perfect, so at this time of the year, these items are put in the spotlight. They perform as beautiful house and table decorations. 

Naturally, everyone gathers at the dinner table on Christmas Eve or Christmas. That creates a need to decorate your Christmas table. According to etiquette experts, Christmas table decor consists of tablecloths, placemats, napkins, table runners, candles, evergreen plats branches, or something to put everything into the mood. 

The thing is about Christmas table decor that you don't need to go overboard with this. Using linen fabric pieces is just fine to make you feel special and inviting. What do we mean by that? The decorating process doesn't have to be a burden, instead, try to relax and think where you can start, what do you want to incorporate because only you can create this special feeling while decorating. Of course, the first time decorating your Christmas table can be challenging. Think of some placements you want, or the vibe, or color scheme you want to go. Then start picking linen pieces that you want to see on your table, and we can promise everything will fall into place. 

If you're still don't have any idea where to start, well, we have prepared four ideas you can try on your Christmas table decor with table linen

Traditional Christmas Table. The keyword here - traditional. So, it is pretty evident that you can't go wrong with it. The steps you need to take: first, lay your white linen tablecloth; on top of that, place natural placemats and place plates. On top of the plate, fold a red linen napkin. Also, you can put Christmas print napkins next to this. Since this decor is traditional, don't forget the candles in the middle of the table and put everything together put evergreen plant branches. 

traditional christmas table decor

White Christmas Table. This one is for our white color lovers. So, this is more simple than anything else - start with a white linen tablecloth. On top of that, you can place plates and folded napkins. To elevate the look, place a white linen table runner in the middle of the table.

white christmas table

The Bold Table. This will not be a setting that screams 'bold.' Instead, it is a bit of a change or a pop of color if you don't want the white look. So, for this place natural color linen tablecloth, pair it with forest green linen table runner; on top of it, place Christmas print on natural linen placemat and pair it with forest green linen napkins. 

christmas table decor

Earthy Tones Table. This one is called mother nature and the beautiful tones that you can find in nature. So, for this one, you will need natural linen tablecloth, pair it with moss green linen napkins, don't forget natural placemats. Linen table runners to create layers and the final touch - Christmas print on natural linen napkins. 

christmas table styling

Sustainable Christmas - how to decorate Christmas tree with natural materials

Let's face it, one of the things that come to your mind when thinking about Christmas is exchanging gifts, delicious food, time with your family, and a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Now that our lives surround by zero-waste, eco-friendly movements, this impact crosses minds even in the Christmas decoration process. 

Of course, making a Christmas tree like you always do is not a bad thing, but thinking about the environment can help you find new ways to decorate your centerpiece - Christmas tree and make it more sustainable. 

So what can you do to have plastic-free decorations for the Christmas tree? You can go with something like dried orange peels. It not only will make your Christmas tree smell good but also will be a perfect way to decorate as it is biodegradable. 

Let's say you live with people who have sweet tooths. To make it more exciting, put sweets, like candy canes, or something made out of chocolate. If you are looking for a more creative process, try decorating your Christmas tree with baked cookies. More about making sweet Christmas trees, you will find → here.

christmas tree decorations

Another excellent decoration piece is linen Christmas tree decorations. Linen is a natural fabric that is environmentally friendly. Having ornaments made out of linen instead of plastic is way better because of a few reasons:

First, linen Christmas tree decorations can give your Christmas tree character. Playing with different decorations colors helps you unleash your inner creativity and create a beautiful memory with decoration pieces from linen. 

Second, it won't break. If we compare them with plastic ones, they can break into small pieces if thrown onto hard flooring. So, linen Christmas tree decorations are long-lasting, which means you can decorate with them year after year. 

Lastly, linen Christmas tree decorations are safe for the kids. Usually, the Christmas tree decoration process is done by the whole family. So, the safeness of the linen decorations makes it family-friendly. 

What is Christmas Linen Stocking, and how to decorate your home space with them?

We talked about Christmas table decor, Christmas tree decoration, and the color scheme for Christmas. One more thing but not least is the Christmas stocking. 

A Christmas linen stocking is an empty sock or sock-shaped bag that usually are hung on Christmas Eve so that Santa Claus can fill it with toys, candy, fruits, coins, and other small gifts. These cute little gifts are called stocking stuffers or stocking fillers. 

Usually, Christmas stockings are more for children or families, but as time goes, there is a tendency that adults without children put these stockings as a decoration piece in this magical time of the year. As for the traditional way, which you can see in movies, Christmas stockings are hung above the fireplace. But what happens if you don't have a fireplace? Here we have a few suggestions where you can hang them:

  1. Christmas stockings on a branch

This is a perfect way to decorate. All you have to do is just put the Christmas stockings on a branch, and you can hang them on the wall, or if you happen to have a branch as a decoration piece, then you decorate with stockings. Another thing about this particular way is that branch is an eco-friendly material to hang the stockings on. To make it more sustainable, you can use Christmas stockings made out of linen fabric. 

  1. Hanging them from a bookcase

This one is kind of perfect for the ones who don't want to mount anything to the walls. So, the bookcases are perfect for that. You can take some hook that will help you hang the Christmas stocking on the bookcase. Make sure the hook is heavy enough to hold the stocking. 

  1. Coat rack to hang your Christmas stockings

You already have them, so basically, you don't even need to do anything, just put the Christmas stocking on there, and you're good to go. For Christmas time, your coat rack can have a double duty. 

linen christmas stockings

These are the fastest ways to create a perfect decoration in your house for the Christmas season. But those are just a few suggestions. You can use your creative mind to think of a place where to put a Christmas stocking. The best advice is to look around your house; we are sure you will find the place.


The sights, the smells, and the magical feeling in the air - that's Christmas. We hope that you love the Christmas season as much as we do. The best thing about this holiday is that you can be as creative as you want, no one is stopping you! 

To get you into more of a festive mood and help you decorate your perfect Christmas table, Christmas tree, and most importantly, the feeling of being special and inviting look that linen provides to you, check the Christmas category.





  1. What is Christmas linen?

Christmas linen consists of pieces that you can put around the house to create a wholesome, unique look for a holiday. The linen pieces in this category are napkins, cushion covers, tea towels, table runners, placemats, aprons, and so on. 

  1. How to decorate the Christmas table with linen?

To decorate the Christmas table with linen, you will need a linen tablecloth, linen napkins, linen table runner, and linen placemats. The napkins are the last step in decorating a table for Christmas. If you want more character, put candles and evergreen plant branches to complete the look. 

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