December 05, 2017 2 min read

Cooking at home is no longer a necessity – it is a way of life. According to scientists, people who cook their food at home eat healthier meals. It is also way more budged friendly than eating out. However, cooking at home can be a real mess sometimes. But we wouldn’t be us if we didn’t offer you a solution – linen. Let us share a few reasons why linen kitchen tea towels, an apron&snbsp;or both of them can become your most trusted kitchen companions.


Aprons and tea towels get stained really often. However, it’s not a problem, if you choose linen ones. A linen kitchen tea towel or an apron can be easily machine washed at 40C as many times as needed. It is a perfect property of kitchen linen, because it is used every day. Gladly, pure linen fabric guarantees that your favorite linen apron or a linen tea towel will look just as good after each wash. Put on your linen apron, grab a linen tea towel, turn on some swing music and feel free to experiment in your kitchen!


By choosing linen kitchen tea towels or linen aprons you can be sure that your dishes will dry fast and accidentally splashing some water on yourself won’t be a big deal. Linen tea towels and aprons are highly absorbent, because the linen fabric absorbs up to 20% of its own weight and still feels dry. In addition to this practical property, they are also pleasantly soft to the touch, which is important as kitchen linen will be in contact with your skin at least several times a day.


Let’s not forget the aesthetic aspect. It is much more enjoyable to cook, while wearing a beautiful, thoughtfully designed apron. Linen aprons look both minimalistic and elegant. Furthermore, linen aprons come in a variety colours. You can choose linen aprons of your favorite colours or have several linen aprons to wear them depending on your mood. And what can be a more practical decoration to your kitchen than several linen tea towels hung on the wall?

Do you use linen kitchen tea towels or linen aprons in your kitchen? Would you like to? Feel free to share your experience and thoughts!

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