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How To Upgrade Your Bathroom With Minimum Effort


For most of us, our bathroom is the sanctuary to which we attend every evening, to relax and refresh after completing the tasks of a long day. So it’s no surprise that we want it to look its best. Still, day by day, it not only gets worn out, it also may get a little boring.

If thinking about remodelling stresses you out (we know it does to us), consider a small upgrade that will achieve great results. We’ve prepared a 4-step guide that will help you upgrade your bathroom with minimum effort.

Step 1. Declutter

Know those near-empty bottles of lotions and conditioners that you only touch when you knock them over by accident? Throw them out and don’t ever look back. If you don’t like the smell or the look of a product, there’s very little chance you’ll change your mind one day. And while it’s sitting on your shelf unused, it’s occupying your precious bathroom space that could be used for something more beautiful like candles, flower pots or surprisingly nothing at all.

Step 2. Organize

Sure, a shelf with neatly folded towels looks great, but it only works if you live in a hotel. Otherwise, once removed from the shelf and used, the towels still need to be hung to dry. And so you’re back to cramming them onto the radiator. Instead, go for a decorative towel ladder. It won’t overcrowd even the tiniest bathroom, you won’t have to drill any new holes to install it and, most importantly, it will add that extra rustic charm to your little SPA space.

Step 3. Add greenery

A low, filtered light, high humidity, warmth and soothing sounds of running water – remind you of anything? Wether you thought about a bathroom or the tropical jungle, you’re not wrong. There are many types of plants that will love the microclimate of your bathroom and in return embellish it with a little luxurious greenery. Here are a few of them:

• Aloe Vera
• Bamboo
• Begonia
• Boston Fern
• Cast Iron Plant
• Chinese Evergreen
• Dieffenbachia
• Dracaena

Get yourself a couple of bathroom-loving plants and bathe in relaxing greenery every morning and every night.

Step 4. Invest in quality towels

Can you remember where you got your towels? If you can’t, it probably means you got them at different occasions in random places. Maybe some of them were even given to you as a present. And maybe you don’t even like them that much. No need to throw everything out – just stack them away for emergencies and consider investing in a quality matching set for everyday use. Not only it will improve your bathroom routine, it will also act as an elegant accessory. Prefer a pop of color? Fill a wire basket with multicolour linen wash cloths and you’ll have a little piece of eye candy on your bathroom countertop.

Give it a try – you’ll be amazed at the difference these little things can make. And once you’ve reached the step of investing in good bath linen, take a look at our bathroom range.

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