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When the holiday season comes around - it reminds us of the true meaning of these celebrations. Sometimes it is sad how you can lose yourself in the preparation process for Christmas that you forget to spend quality time with your loved ones. 

Gathering all of the family members around one big table is the perfect thing for the holidays. Delicious foods, atmosphere, and most importantly, laughter - that is what is a holiday season. To have this festive yet beautiful and elegant feel around your dining table, you must ensure that your table is set perfectly. 

Of course, the ideal holiday table presentation ultimately comes down to your style and taste. You can always try new table setting types with new materials that would make your family's dinner an outstanding experience. So, for example, linen material is always known as elegant and sophisticated material. In general, on the market, you can find a lot of table-setting pieces that not conclude only on the dishes but also on the materials of the pieces. Those pieces can be linen tablecloths, table napkins, linen placemats, or coasters.

Linen tablecloths. This is the most significant piece of all, and it's used for covering the whole table. The most common use for this table setting piece is to prevent scratches and stains on the tables. They are designed to be spread on a dining table before laying out the tableware and food. But besides the function, here comes the beauty of the piece. A lot of tablecloths tend to have an intricate design on them or have an unusual color. So, don't be afraid to add this to your table. 

Linen table runners. It is a narrow length of cloth that is usually placed in the center of the table. Mainly table runners are used for decoration purposes. You can put other decoration pieces on this middle piece, like candles, pinecones, or branches. 

Linen table napkins. The smallest piece of fabric is a must on a table. The functionality of this fabric speaks for itself - to wipe your mouth or protect your clothing from staining. You can always find matching colors of napkins with tablecloths, or you can do a little bit of mix match.

Linen placemats. Unlike tablecloths, it is used for individual place settings. It covers only the place where tableware is for only one person. You can always match the placemat color to the tablecloth or not. 

Coasters. It is a small, round piece of fabric to put your cups, glasses, or bottles. The purpose of these is to make sure that your table is protected. 

All of these table-setting pieces you can use for special dinners and Christmas dinners. This dinner is essential too, so to make it unique, you can always decorate with amazing linen table pieces to bring the whole atmosphere to another level. To make your decorating process a little bit easier and enjoyable, we prepared table decoration ideas for your Christmas evening.  

Christmas table decoration campaign

Christmas is one of the biggest holidays of the year. Every single year you spend this magical time with your loved ones. But why is Christmas this important to everyone?

Well, Christmas is meaningful because of a few things - the traditions you set up with your family, the remembrance of your actions, and most importantly, the love that you get from this holiday. 

Remember to slow down on this special day. It's no surprise that over the years, Christmas turned into a bustling holiday packed full of lights, presents, Christmas tree decorating, and lots of plans for the day. You can get easily distracted by everything you need to do and slowly lose yourself in this little chaos. Even though this holiday is significant, try to slow down. Look around and enjoy the moment, instead of stressing out to put everything ideally to your family. You can always ask for help from them. Don't lose the meaning of what you're celebrating. 

That is why the traditions of every household are different. Many people usually spend time with their family members with a nice dinner. Also, exchange gifts that are filled with love and care. Please take a look at the past year, what they have accomplished, or their struggles. Everything comes to one evening where you can be yourself because you spend your precious time with your family.

To take some stress from your shoulders, our company Linen Tales™ with the help of our lovely influencers, created a stunning Christmas table decoration campaign. The story behind the campaign idea is that:

'Linen brings people together. We gather around the Christmas table, tell our stories, share our gifts, our thoughts - we create our own little Christmas story. And the linen is part of that fairy tale - it helps make the environment more magical, more fairy-tale-like.'

The beautiful table decorations are the perfect way to invite the cozy feeling to the table; that is why we are proud to share the ideas of Christmas table decorations with you. We want your linen to become the reason your family smiles never leave your faces and create this magical environment for all. 

Classic white-natural table idea

So, setting a lovely table can often be overlooked, but it is imperative, especially if you are going for the classic or traditional look. Usually, the classic look of table setting isn't everyone's cup of tea, but we say you don't underestimate this table setting. 

With classic setting comes much more - the sophisticated, elegant look and feel that you can create. Also, the color you choose to use is essential for this look too. So, the first thought that comes to mind is if you think classic table - white or natural tones. 

Using white linen table pieces will provide you with that elegant look. White color, in general, symbolizes purity and peace. That is why it will make your Christmas table more festive. But not only monochrome colors can be on the table. You can pair it with natural linen table pieces. Natural linen is its color. It gives more of an earthy tone that will elevate your table decoration. 

If you like a monochrome look, well, you can always go for white or natural linen table pieces. All you need to do is to follow your taste and style. For example, one of our lovely influencers, @lillimarleen_madewithlove, has created a classic look with white-natural table linen. 

classic table idea

First, she used a white linen tablecloth with fringes. On top of this beautiful piece was placed a natural table runner paired with white placemats with fringes, and to finish the setting, it was paired with vintage green stripe napkins. To further decorate, you can place candles in the middle of the table or some of the natural branches to finish the classic look. 

White, green, and natural trio

It is natural to want something that is not considered traditional or classic. Or, if you don't want to go bold, you can add a few accents, like a pop of color. So, for example, you still wish to those traditional tones white and natural but want to elevate the look a tad bit. Then try to add green linen table pieces. It is a perfect way to upgrade the look and also stay in the color scheme of Christmas. 

In general, decorating your Christmas table is like taking care and giving all of your attention to every single detail. It will get you more into a fantastic holiday spirit mood, and this way, you can show your loved ones a little extra love. 

By adding the pop color to your table setting, you make a statement that you want to brighten the look in dark winter. Green represents the evergreen plants, and it is a reminder that spring eventually comes back and winter won't be forever. So, how to create this beautiful, cohesive look with a color trio? Well, our lovely bloggers suggested three looks of this linen trio:

@countyroadliving started with a white-washed linen tablecloth. Pair this piece with a natural striped table runner in the middle of the table. On the runner, you can place decorations, like candles, pinecones. When you place the tableware down on them, put natural striped linen napkins and forest green napkins. 

stripes table idea

Another idea that was created by @ourlewislife. She used a white-washed linen tablecloth and paired it with a forest green runner. When you put tableware, pair it with forest green napkins and natural napkins. The decoration process in the middle of the table can be the same as the other one. 

white and green table idea

The last idea was created by @nicolebuhler. Start with a natural linen tablecloth and pair it with the white table runner. To give brightness to the table, you can use moss green placemats and moss green napkins. This way, you will have a pop of color that will create an elegant yet inviting look. 

green and natural table idea

Color party

Sometimes people make this huge mistake of not going the non-traditional or traditional way. The beautiful thing about setting the table with linen is that you can use your imagination and mix&match different colors of the linen pieces. 

Christmas is no exception to do that. It will be more fun to see a table set up like this because of all the colors and everything. This way, you can show your playful side on Christmas. So, for example, you can use these color schemes for your table color party:

Light-colored table linen. This is a great way to give a tint of color to your Christmas table. Light-colored linen pieces will not be the center of attention, but you will feel comfortable around this. 

Bright, vibrant-colored table linen. Well, this one is the opposite of the light-colored ones. Bright colors can help you make a statement and give your table more of a little bit of character. 

Rich, deep-colored table linen. These colors help to create depth to any Christmas table. Not only this, but it can make a mystical and magical feel to it. 

In order not to get confused in the world of color. We suggest trying to see what goes best for you. It is no secret that everything depends on your taste and preference. To give you an idea of how to mix&match the color, our lovely blogger @mein_leckeres_leben created this excellent colorful table design. 

colorful table idea

Start with a cafe creme linen tablecloth and pair it with a natural striped linen table runner in the middle of the table. To give more character to the table, you can place different color linen napkins, like backed clay napkins, forest green napkins, or cafe cream napkins. And tie the look with the linen coasters in forest green. If you want more decoration ideas for Christmas, then check this blog.

How to keep your table linen stain-free?

So, one of the biggest fears that everyone has on Christmas is stains and cleaning. We understand that it can be difficult to clean everything, especially your beautiful linen pieces. 

With that being said, it is natural that you will have some stains on your table linen at the Christmas dinner party. But the big question is how you make sure that these stains will not stain on the fabric forever - in general, caring for linen can intimidate anyone or stress how to get the stains out. But we've got you covered; it is easier than it looks. Here are a few ways on how to take care of your table linen pieces:

  • Spot cleaning your table linen. If you don't want to have visible stains on your table linen, you need to make sure you spot-clean any deep stains. Cleaning oil and wine stains is a must if you take care of table linen because these stains are the hardest to clean. You can prewash to help remove the stains or check our guide to remove stains from table linen. 

  • Washing your table linen. It is no secret that linen becomes softer with every wash, so you don't have to worry about linen being harsh or unpleasant to the touch. We recommend washing your table linen in about lukewarm 104 ℉ (40 ℃) water. Don't forget to use a gentle machine cycle and mild liquid detergent. 
  • Drying your table linen. You can put linen in the dryer but be careful because you need to remove linen when about 90-95% dry. Also, stick to the low temperature because high temperature can damage the fabric. If you have an opportunity to air dry linen, this is the best way to do it. 


Christmas table decorations are an essential asset to any dinner for this holiday season. We hope you already have some ideas on creating a beautiful look for your Christmas dinner table. 

To help you create this festive mood and help you decorate your perfect Christmas table and make your loved ones feel unique with the inviting look that linen provides to you, check the table linen category. 





  1. How to decorate a table with linen?

To decorate your table with linen, you will need these linen pieces: tablecloth, napkins, table runner, placemats, coasters. With these pieces, you mix&match different colors and patterns to create a wholesome look.

  1. What are the types of table linen?

You can find different table linen pieces in today's market, such as linen tablecloths, linen table runners, linen napkins, linen placemats, and even linen coasters. 

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