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The holiday season is one of the most treasured seasons of all. This season is unique because of the snow, the festive mood, and, most importantly, Christmas. Ahh, the most beautiful celebration of the year! 

All the lights, the fun ornaments, and the gifts under the Christmas tree are amazing. Also, the thing is that this holiday lets you spend more time with your family. That is why this time of the year brings the most beautiful memories. Memories that we love to remember and that it warm up your heart. 

Since this beautiful holiday is coming, preparations can be stressful. As linen experts from Lithuania, we know the beautiful meaning of using linen pieces on your holiday table. The secret behind the miracle of the Christmas table is that linen brings your loved ones to the table. 

Holiday dinners can make you secretly stressed out because of the unknown or the fear of how to decorate this year's holiday table. Well, the promise that you made your inner aesthete make everything look unique can be weighing down on you. So, how do you channel your inner aesthete without the fear of not creating a beautiful atmosphere? 

linen for holiday table

We will help you create this atmosphere and take a bit of load from your shoulders. A holiday dinner table decorated with beautiful linen pieces is one of the most beautiful things to create this fantastic atmosphere. Our main goal is to ensure that you have an amazing family gathering with a beautiful and pleasing to the eye Christmas dinner table. 

We will talk about linen pieces used to decorate your holiday dinner table this time. We will introduce you to four different ideas for linen napkins folding for all Holiday dinners. 

The Christmas Tree Fold with Linen Napkin

Napkins can serve both practical and decorative purposes. A napkin protects your clothing from spills and collects all the crumbs. At the same time, decoration's goal is to make the dinner table setting more inviting by doing different designs with various folding techniques. Since napkins can be in different sizes, you can make quite different designs. 

One of those designs is a replica of a Christmas tree. It's a fantastic thing to replicate the Christmas tree with a beautiful piece of a linen napkin. It is best for this folding design to use a linen napkin with fringe

A linen napkin with fringe is a great way to elevate the look of the folded design. Also, the fringed edge will give you that beautiful effect like a Christmas tree branch. If you want to have a more traditional color of this Christmas tree with this napkin fold, then use a linen napkin in the shade of moss green. 

The steps for this folding technique are relatively simple; for best results, use a linen napkin with fringes in a square shape. Here are the steps for this folding napkin technique:

STEP 1: Fold the napkin into four pieces. To do that, fold your napkin four times in half. Turn the folded napkin so the four open layers are facing towards you. 

STEP 2: Take the first layer ar fold upward to the opposite corner; make sure you leave it a few centimeters away from the edge. This step you need to repeat on the remaining layers. 

STEP 3: When you have securely done these two steps, carefully flip the napkin and fold the right side inwards to create a sharp point at the bottom. Repeat with the left side and overlap the previous fold. 

STEP 4: Flip the napkin to the front once again. To make it look like a Christmas tree, fold the top, fringed layers back, and repeat with the rest of the layers; don't forget to tuck the rest. 

STEP 5: Place the napkin on the plate. You can add additional decorations, like cinnamon sticks, to represent the tree's base.

The Bow Fold with Linen Napkin

The bow fold with a linen napkin is an elegant way to elevate your table setting. The previous folding technique didn't require additional holders to hold the napkin. For this one, you actually will need a napkin folding ring or any thread to hold this folded bow. 

A napkin folding with a ring gained popularity among the European bourgeoisie from the early 1800. This happened because of the increase of wealth of the middle class, so the use of napkin folding with rings was spread throughout all Europe and the Westerns world. As for the American households, you find that this additional item has been used since 1865.

If you don't have a unique napkin ring to make this particular folding, you don't need to buy them; you can always use a thread to tie around the napkin to hold its shape or use thin linen scraps to secure the folded napkin. 

Again, this linen napkin folding technique is relatively simple. It doesn't take a lot of effort, so here are the steps you need to make the bow out of a linen napkin:

STEP 1: Lay the napkin upside down, so the back of the linen napkin is facing you (where a tag is), and fold the napkin in half to form a triangle. 

STEP 2: When you have this triangle shape take the bottom piece closest to you and fold it like a ribbon to complete a straight line from all the fabric. 

STEP 3: Take the napkin's left point, fold it halfway at a downward angle, and then fold the right end the same way you did for another side. Make sure that the right side overlaps the left side edge. 

STEP 4: Pinch the center and put the napkin through the napkin ring or tie it with a thread. Turn the napkin over and place it on the plate when you finish all the steps. 

The Angled Pocket Fold with Linen Napkin

Folding a napkin is not that hard, but if you really would love to have a folded napkin to put something inside - well, this folding design is the perfect choice for you. 

When you fold a napkin within such a simple technique, inside the pocket, you can put different things, such as knives, forks, spoons, and other decoration pieces in the Christmas theme like pine branches, the rowan, and so on. 

The folding of this napkin style is straightforward. The only thing you need to make sure of is to take a square linen napkin; the size of the napkin doesn't matter, but make sure that it is not smaller than 16' x 16' (40 x 40 cm). Here are the steps you need to take:

STEP 1: Lay down a square linen napkin in front of you, fold it in half, and then fold it in quarters. Make sure that you flatten the napkin to achieve a smooth look in the end. 

STEP 2: When you have a little square after the first step, open the top layer of the napkin and fold it away to meet the opposite corner. 

STEP 3: The next step is to turn over the whole napkin and fold it into thirds. Turn the napkin back over where that pocket is when you are done. 

STEP 4: Place the napkin on the plate and tuck your polished cutlery into the pocket. And you are done!

The Dinner Roll Fold with Linen Napkin

So, napkin folding is one of the ways to make your Christmas table elegant and give a tad bit of character. If you want to create an elegant yet simple decoration with practicality for a holiday dinner table, then the next fold is the perfect choice for you. 

We mentioned that napkins could be used both ways - practical and aesthetic. Aesthetic is considered a beautiful decoration and can become a centerpiece of the whole dinner table setting. As for the practical side, you can use a napkin to place food items on top. 

In a practical way, you can also fold the napkin to create the middle point where the folded napkin acts as a functional decoration. So, for dinner roll fold, you will need a linen napkin that is bigger than the usual size, and here are the steps you need to take:

STEP 1: Lay your linen napkin on the table horizontally. When you flatten down the napkin, take the closest side and fold it up more than halfway. 

STEP 2: To match the first step you did - fold the top half the same way. When you fold them, make sure that the two edges overlap by an inch. 

STEP 3: When you have folded the napkin, turn it over and fold the other ends in half. When you do this step, make sure you tuck in one of the ends under the other. Like this will help you to hold the folded napkin.

STEP 4: For the finishing touches, carefully flip the napkin over. In the opening, you created, put the rolls or a sliced loaf in the first two steps. You can place this folded napkin on the center of your table or on a plate for a family member to enjoy the goods inside. 


The dinner table set for the holiday season can be fun and exciting. So, to say napkins are only for formal table setting can be an understatement. 

Christmas table setting with linen napkins is a way to create an elegant yet straightforward and inviting look for your loved ones. We love linen and the feeling it gives to us when used in such a precious season - to get inspired to decorate your table with linen, visit the linen napkins category.





  1. Napkins folding for Christmas

Folding napkins for a Christmas table setting is relatively easy. All you need is a linen napkin that can come in sizes from 16' x 16' (40 x 40 cm) to 22' x 22' (55 x 55 cm). Choose the design and follow the steps you fold the napkin beautifully. 

  1. Napkins folding with ring

When folding a napkin in your chosen design, you might need a napkin ring. A napkin ring is a way to hold your napkin, so the design doesn't unfold. You can use a ring to fold any folding design you want, giving you an elegant look. 

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