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Different ideas for dressing up or setting up your table can be useful for everyday use and special occasions. The table setting can provide a festive, inviting, or fun look, making it a cozy atmosphere for your loved ones, friends, and yourself. 

It's no secret that to achieve a perfect atmosphere on your table, you can use these pieces:

Tablecloth. Everyone uses this traditional table piece to cover the table's surface to protect it from scratches and stains.  

Table runner. The perfect centerpiece for the table. It is longer length-wise than it's wider. You can put it without additional table pieces or layer it. 

Napkins. A considerably smaller table linen piece is used to wipe the mouth and cover the lap to protect the clothing. These linen napkins come in different sizes, colors, and shapes. 

Placemats. These can be used on their own, or you can pair them with other table linen. It is used for individual place settings, and you can fit the tableware and glasses.

Coasters. The smallest table linen is used to put the cups, glasses, or bottles on top to protect your table.  

Since the most beautiful holiday - Christmas is around the corner, it's natural that you would want your table setting to look fabulous. And if you are out of ideas, don't worry; we got you - the best way to perk up your creativity is by looking at the different table decoration ideas. 

Our goal is to help you have cozy and lovely Christmas, so just like last year, we asked our Influencer friends to share table decoration ideas for Christmas. Check last year's blog for more inspiration for the table decorations.

Christmas Green & Mistletoe morning

Every morning should start with a good breakfast. But the Christmas morning breakfast is unique because you can open all the presents and see the smiles of your loved ones. So, to create a memorable and lovely table setting for the morning, you can take inspiration from @drellsky.home.

Christmas Green & Mistletoe table setting

This setting used Mistletoe tablecloth and Christmas Green napkins, which created a warm and inviting environment for the morning meal. You can try an intricate napkin folding style to make more dimension to the setting. 

White, green, and Mistletoe trio

The second most crucial plan for Christmas day is the holiday lunch. It's no secret that food brings people together, and having a beautiful table to sit down and enjoy the times together is a must. Here are a few ideas that were shared by @high_street_house_ with us. 

White, green, and Mistletoe trio tablescape

This setting used a White tablecloth, Christmas Green napkins, and a Mistletoe table runner. By placing contrasting pieces, like prints or solid colors, you can achieve a beautiful and cohesive table decoration that looks inviting. 

Rustic tablescape

If you are more neutral and like your tables dressed up more traditionally, this idea perfectly matches you. All neutral tones can be used for any occasion, but they are still festive and beautiful.

Our friend @lasthouseonbedfordlane used a White tablecloth, Natural napkins, and a Natural table runner. First, lay down the White tablecloth, and on top, place the Natural table runner. You can use bold color tableware and decorations to help you bring the look together and have more contrast. Don't forget the Natural napkins!

Rustic tablescape

Lovely and peaceful idea

Christmas is about enjoying and spending time with your loved ones in your little circle of love and peace. Bringing such honorable details to the table setting can be tricky, but if you choose the correct patterns for the dressing up, you can easily create the perfect look. 

Filled with love and peace, table decoration with Linen Tales™ Mistletoe print can help you achieve a peaceful and lovely setting. Our lovely @uls_andthekids used a Natual tablecloth, Moss Green table runner, Christmas Green napkins, and Mistletoe on natural napkins combination to achieve this table setting.

Lovely and peaceful table idea

First, lay down the tablecloth, and as a centerpiece, use the table runner in Moss Green, which will act as a contrast color. After putting all the embellishments and tableware, fold the napkins and place them accordingly; the Mistletoe print and Moss Green napkins will tie everything together. 

Stripes or stripes?

Let's face it we have all been in a dilemma - whether to choose stripes or not. Indeed, the stripe pattern is not everyone's favorite, but no matter how you dislike such a pattern, you can't deny that this adds a touch of timeless yet lovely feel to the table. 

Our friend @home_reno46 used our Natural White Stripes napkins, placemats, and table runner. The beauty behind such decoration is that you don't need additional linen pieces. Using only beautifully folded napkins, placemats, and a table runner as a centerpiece with other embellishments, you can create a light and simple table setting to enjoy with your loved ones. 

stripes table setting

Napkin folding ideas

Since we have spiked up your creativity with beautiful ideas for Christmas table decorations from our friends, there's one thing that needs to know - napkin folding. Napkins can finish the overall look that you want to create. 

And we perfectly understand that you might not know how to do that, but we want to help. To fold napkins more creatively and festively is easy. So, to uplift your napkin folding ideas or skills, check our Napkin folding ideas for holiday dinners blog. 

Ending words

The loveliest year holiday is just around the corner, and if you want to create a unique atmosphere, then table decoration is the best way to achieve that. If you want more inspiration, you can check our Pinterest and #christmastaleoflinen on Instagram. 

You can find all the lovely pieces for your Christmas table in our  Table category

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