Welcome to Linen Tales™ OUTLET where you can find lovely handmade linen pieces for a great price. The Outlet features last stock pieces of linen textile for home, linen clothing, or linen pieces for the little ones, so the assortment is always changing and offers a wonderful opportunity to find your favorites for less.

With a strong focus on sustainability, we create our products in a way to promote conscious consumption. For this reason, our collections are designed for all seasons and our wide color palette offers the opportunity to mix and match different pieces from different collections. So even though Linen Tales™ OUTLET entails linen textiles from previous collections, they will easily find their place in your home whatever the season or occasion.

IMPORTANT: Please note, that when you are purchasing two or more discounted items in the same color, there might be a little color difference between them. This is because items may be manufactured from different rolls of linen that tend to differ in the shade of color due to natural linen qualities. We match the colors when there is a possibility, but we can not guarantee it all the time.