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The Most Common Misconceptions About Linen Bedding10


In photo:Light Grey Linen Pillow Case + Ashes of Roses Linen Pillow Cases + Melange Forget Me Not Nightdress

1. Difficult care

We often hear that linen bedding is difficult to take care of, and we are pretty happy to say that it isn’t true. Washing linen is just as easy as any other fabric while drying it takes significantly less time than cotton. And in case you were worried about linen’s tendency to wrinkle, we would encourage to embrace this naturally relaxed look and forget about ironing your bed set at all.

2. Linen bedding is coarse

Another common misconception about linen is its softness, or, rather, lack of it. However, it is nowhere near the truth. First of all, we stone-wash our linen to make it softer and smoother. That way, you already receive a gentle item upon purchase. Moreover, it gets even softer over time – linen fibers break during washing, so the longer you use it, the finer it gets.

In photo: Ashes of Roses Linen Bed Set + Melange Frilled Linen Pillow Case

3. Linen is only for summer

We like to say that linen has a built-in climate control function, and it really is true. It sustains the temperature balance perfectly while allowing your skin to breathe. Therefore, you won’t feel hot in it during the summer, and it will keep you warm in winter.

In photo: Ashes of Roses Linen Bed Set + Light Grey Linen Pillow Cases + Light Grey Linen Fitted Sheet

4. Linen bedding is very expensive

It all depends on your perception. But when it comes to bedding, cheaper isn’t always better. Quality pieces made of high-quality linen fabrics can be slightly pricier, but it usually pays off as, with proper care, they last a long time.

Would love to get some linen bedding, but can't find the perfect fit? Since we produce our products ourselves, we are happy to make size adjustments according to your needs.

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