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5 Ways To Fall Asleep Faster


With nights getting warmer and longer, we often find ourselves pushing the usual bedtime a little further away, as we cannot help but enjoy the beautiful evenings outside. While on weekends it doesn’t cause us any trouble, other days we still need to rise early and end up feeling tired at work. This often results in unbalanced sleep cycle and troubles falling asleep. Here are a few tips that will help you fall asleep faster and enjoy quality rest.

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1. Fresh air!

We can never have enough of it, so airing your room well before going to bed is absolutely essential. If you live in a chilly environment, don’t shy away from open windows, too – sleeping in cooler room results in better quality rest.

2. Have a cup of tea

Choose fresh or dried natural herbs and enjoy a better night’s sleep. Melissa, mint, chamomile – all of them will calm you and help to fall asleep quicker. Stay away from black and green teas as they have caffeine that will surely keep you up.

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3. Relax and meditate

No fancy rituals or equipment needed here – simply lay down comfortably on your back, relax your body, concentrate on feelings and sensations, and start breathing deeply. After a long day, our minds are usually occupied with all sorts of thoughts, so if you notice that your mind is drifting somewhere, acknowledge it and get back to your sensations. Observing your breath usually helps – how the air fills your lungs and then leaves your body. Another exercise worth giving a go is trying to relax your body part by part: start by focusing on the relaxation on feet, and slowly move upwards toward the top of your head.

4. Enjoy hot water

Whether it’s a hot bath or a long, warm shower, water usually helps us to relax. The warmth, in the meantime, will make you feel sleepier and help to get to the dreamland quicker.

5. Bedding is important

While it is common to pay a lot of attention to our mattress, we often neglect the bedding. However, you can only enjoy quality sleep only in comfortable and quality sheets. Make sure they are lovely to touch, ensure a perfect temperature and are clean. Linen bedding is a great option as it naturally offers air circulation, climate control, and irresistible softness. Feeling like you are in a comfortable cloud will surely make you fall asleep quicker.

In photo: Ash Linen Duvet Cover + Light Grey Linen Pillow Case + Dark Grey Linen Pillow Case

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