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Linen Tales Kids: A Thoughtful Collection For The Little Ones


We are delighted to introduce you to Linen Tales Kids – the newest addition to our family, created with love for our most loved ones – children. We genuinely believe that linen is perfect for the little ones, as it is naturally hypoallergenic, and most of the fabrics we use are OEKO-TEX certified, meaning they are perfectly safe for even the most sensitive skin.

We have focused a lot on bedding items, as sleep is essential for the healthy growth of children. Made with our signature Nordic aesthetic, all the products are well thought through and created to be loved by both children and their parents. For the bedding and blankets, we chose colors that are calm yet fun, and weaves that are soft and caring, while also considering the easy of travels and adventures – so that you can easily pack your child’s favorite blankie anywhere you go, always ensuring sweet dreams and proper rest.

In photo: Shifting Sand Frilled Linen Pillow Case + Blue Fog Linen Blanket / Quilt

Linen Tales Kids also features bathing essentials – towels, ponchos, and bathrobes. Soft to touch and quickly absorbent, they will ensure that your child is just as excited for bath time as for a splash in the pool. And as for the trips to the pool (or any other ones, really), we made convenient pouches and toiletry bags, which will ensure that all the essentials are stored neatly in one place.

In photo: White Linen Bathrobe

Having focused on kitchen and dining accessories for so long, we couldn’t help but make those for the kids, too. We know how much children love helping their parents in the kitchen, and to ensure that things stay as clean as possible, we created smaller versions of our kitchen towels and aprons, so that the little ones can have their own accessories and feel like true star chefs. And when it comes to eating the (almost) self-made meals, a bib that’s stylish enough to be worn as a scarf will become irreplaceable.

In photo: Cafe Creme Linen Bib + Cafe Creme Linen Kitchen Apron

Each item in the collection is created with lots of love, thought, and passion as we truly believe children deserve all the best. We made it be stylish and practical, fun and beautiful, – so that it would be taken along to all the adventures and make the dreams easier to achieve.

In photo: Botany Linen Fitted Sheet


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