Kids Kitchen

Whether you are just playing in the kitchen or cooking dinner together, linen kitchen accessories for the little ones will make this time more special. The Linen Tales™KIDS Kitchen linen collection features Aprons, Kitchen Towels, and Bibs, all handmade from sustainable, EUROPEAN FLAX® and OEKO-TEX® certified linen.

Known as the strongest natural fabric, linen is a perfect material for kitchen aprons and towels, especially when the little ones are in charge of the cooking. Thanks to linen’s natural properties, our kitchen linen accessories are highly durable and can be easily machine-washed or hand-washed whenever needed to clean the stains. Preshrunk and presoftened in the making to hold its original properties after many washing cycles, linen tends to get even better with time and softer with every wash.

So go ahead, and create good memories in the kitchen without the fear of making a little mess - it’s all part of the fun. Our kitchen linen accessories will take care of the spills and splashes.

The Linen Tales™KIDS Kitchen linen collection offers several fun colors for your little ones to choose from and features these kitchen linen pieces:

Kids Linen Daily Apron. Let this soft and durable apron for kids protect the clothes from spills and smears while you and your little one have fun in the kitchen. Features a front pocket for keeping any necessary tools at hand and long waist ties that allow for easily adjusting the size.

Kids Linen Pinafore Apron. Comfortable to wear, this linen apron for kids has no ties and offers your little one an opportunity to put it on and take it off independently. Adorned with two spacious pockets for storing handy kitchen tools, this kids' apron is also easy to wash and iron.