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How To Style Your Bedding


When thinking of linen bedding, we need to consider a bunch of features – quality, softness, appearance, and many more. Sometimes, we even tend to compromise the quality for the look of it, which often results in poor sleeping quality. Luckily, you don’t need to compromise either of these qualities if you’re choosing linen bed sheets, thus easily achieving a good sleep in a bed that is both comfortable and stylish. Today, we are sharing some tips and tricks on attaining that stylish look without sacrificing quality of your rest.


Many of us still spend hours ironing the bedding sheets, but we strongly suggest to skip this step. Washed, air-dried linen fibers give you a pleasant full-body massage, which would be impossible after ironing. Besides, the little waves and wrinkles are a part of linen’s natural beauty, undulating like calming sea or soft clouds, and giving your bedroom a cozy, slightly careless look.


In photo: Almond Bed Set + Light Grey Flat Sheet


While a lot of people love a perfectly fitted sheet, we would like to invite you for a little experiment – pick a flat sheet and don’t tuck it underneath your mattress. It will almost act as a bed skirt, just without the artificial perfection. In fact, it will provide an instant natural, relaxed look.

In photo: Ash Duvet Cover + Dark Grey Pillow Case + Cafe Creme Pillow Case + Light Grey Pillow Case + Light Grey Flat Sheet + White Sleepwalker Pyjamas


One of the easiest (and most fun!) ways of inviting a new look into your bedroom is to mix and match various colors. A few rules can be applied here: all colors look great together with white, so any pairings with it are totally fail-safe. Color-coordinating is another easy choice – while it can be hard to get a good look while mixing different colors, choosing the same palette always helps. For example, if you’re into pink, try mixing a muted rose with a deeper mauve.


While we are most used to soft, calm colors in our bedrooms, a little pop of color might do much more fun than expected. You can begin by adding a bolder cushion or two, and if you like the look, then go one step further by choosing a bright duvet cover. We also like to use a bedsheet as a hidden accent – it will surely make you smile every time you get in or out of bed, but won’t become too intense over time. Pro tip: bold colors look best when paired with neutral shades like white and grey.

In photo: Almond Duvet Cover+ Light Grey Pillow Cases + Ash Pillow Cases + Light Grey Flat Sheet + White Sleepwalker Pyjamas


If you are going for a look that’s neater and looks perfectly finished all the time, a good throw is irreplaceable. It will protect your sheets for a longer lasting freshness, while also providing a stylish addition to your bedroom. Bonus: if you’re into naps, you’ll be able to use the irresistibly soft bed throw as a blanket!

In photo: Light Grey Waffle Blanket + White Duvet Cover + Sage Pillow Cases


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