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Many people always treasure the natural fabrics of the world. You can already guess that linen or cotton is on the top of the textile list. But what about the hemp fabric? In recent years this particular fabric is gaining more and more attention from people. 

The first thing that comes to mind while thinking of hemp is the association with popular hippy trends. Back then, it was considered as a new age alternative to 'normal' textiles, but the truth is that for more than a few centuries, hemp has been a staple fabric that people go for. The pieces made out of hemp were clothing, various other textiles, such as bedding, food and food supplements, and so much more. 

Manufacturing hemp is similar to linen - since both of the fibers are highly delicate, the process of making hemp into a fabulous fabric requires a substantial amount of knowledge and experience. Hemp manufacturing makes hemp fabric entirely sustainable because all of the hemp plant is used. Since more and more people care about their impact on the environment and seek to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle, they turn to hemp use as an alternative way. 

People now tend to choose hemp because it is one of the most sustainable fabrics. One of the pieces that people fell in love with in recent years - hemp bedding

Hemp bedding

Hemp bedding is standard pieces from duvet covers and pillowcases to flat and fitted sheets. These pieces are made from industrial hemp made into the hemp fabric, which is highly durable and versatile. The beautiful thing about this fabric is the making process and that it is an eco-friendly material, soft, delicate, and gentle to the touch. 

With that said, our passion at Linen Tales™ for natural fabrics, like linen, is endless. We are trying to create more natural touches of nature with hemp fabric. Hemp bedding collection is our new sustainable and environment-friendly offer for you. So, in this article, we will talk about our new hemp bedding collection and the benefits of this fabric.  

Hemp bedding collection

When it comes to setting up your bed, it is a personal thing to everyone; we cannot argue with that. Trying to have the best possible material for your skin is also quite a task. Since our love for natural and sustainable materials is humongous, hemp bedding is an excellent addition to your natural bedding collection. 

If you have tried linen bedding, you should try hemp bedding. Hemp bedding, just like linen, is soft, comfortable, and breathable. The best quality material can significantly impact your sleep and health. To have the best possible sleep at night, we put traditional bedding pieces that can fit your house perfectly in this hemp bedding collection. Hemp bedding collection consists of these elements:

Hemp duvet cover sets. Wouldn't it be amazing to feel like laying in the clouds while lying in your bed? Well, with hemp duvet cover sets, you can achieve that. It is soft to the touch, but these sets' excellent comfort is sublime. They are a fantastic way to elevate your sleep routine. These sets include a hemp duvet cover and one hemp pillowcase for single-size beds, and one duvet cover paired with two pillowcases for double-size beds. 

Hemp duvet cover set

Hemp pillowcases. Pillowcase for your pillow is quite important because not only it protects your pillow but also protects your skin. Another benefit that these excellent hemp pillowcases provide is that it looks pretty sublime when you pair them with other hemp bedding pieces. Most importantly, it takes your dreams to another level. Hemp pillowcases are an extraordinary piece when it comes to breathability that allows your skin to breathe during the nighttime. Also, the gentle touch of the fabric will be the perfect fit if you have allergy-prone or sensitive skin. 

Hemp pillowcase

Hemp duvet covers. If you want to change your duvet covers to something like linen duvet covers, hemp duvet covers are perfect. Hemp fabric is strong, durable, and relatively easy to wash like our beloved linen. Available in various sizes, duvet covers will fit in every room in your house, and the colors will be a great addition to your interior design in your bedroom. 

Hemp duvet cover

Hemp fitted sheets Hemp flat sheets. The thing about the bedding is that every piece in there goes together. Naturally, without any sheets, your good night's sleep can quickly become a nightmare. However, hemp sheets are a perfect way to have a continuous place to take you to sleeping heaven. Hemp fitted sheets have a continuous elastic hem that helps you effortlessly put it on the mattress and keep it in one place. Hemp flat sheets can be used in two ways: on the bed while the sides are neatly tucked under or as a top sheet. 

Hemp sheet sets. We have mentioned that every bedding element goes together. So, what better way to have a way to dreamland than having a set that will bring you there instantly. Hemp sheet sets include one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and one hemp pillowcase if you have a single-size bed or two pillowcases for a double-size bed. The beautiful thing about this set is that you can choose from different colors and mix and match them to create a calming oasis in your bedroom. 

Hemp sheet set

Hemp bedding colors

We live in a world where the word color is commonly used to describe many things. In addition, colors are so much more than what a basic color theory says - colors are much more than the reflections of light; they shape your mood and a way to view things. 

When it comes to the bedding colors, you would want to choose something that can fill you up with a relaxing mood and encourage your body to have the best possible night's sleep, but also would reflect on your sleeping habits and your bedroom interior. 

So, while thinking about the colors for our new hemp bedding collection, we thought about the place we live and the nature surrounding us. Lithuanian nature is quite extraordinary - the four beautiful seasons that each time it comes creates a magical time and brings new beginnings and experiences. 

That is why we thought of bringing you a little bit of beautiful Lithuanian nature to your home. Our hemp bedding collection consists of four unique colors that are inspired by the things that are meaningful and close to our hearts: 

Snow White. The winter season everywhere is quite gorgeous. The fantastic thing about Lithuanian winter is that everywhere you look, you see the magic, and that crunch you get while walking on the snow is the most beautiful sound you can ever hear. So, in our hemp bedding collection, we wanted to show this beautiful, pure and innocent color that we see outside our windows or in the forest in wintertime. It will give your bedroom a fresh, clean, crisp, yet simple and elegant look.

Snow white

Amber. Every time the word amber comes, the association is automatic with these little gems found in the Baltic sea. The beautiful soft orange with yellowish hints sometimes gentle brown hints will make you feel warm and cozy. Hemp bedding in this beautiful color will give your positivity and security that every time you go to sleep, you will feel secure, and you will have the best night's sleep. 


Warm Sand. Who doesn't like summertime? Summer beach, warm weather, water, and warm sand will create this never-ending joy. So, putting this type of color in our new collection will make this cozy, luminous, yet elegant balance between light and warmth. It will fill your bedroom with a refreshing, natural, and relaxing feel that every time you come home from your work, you will be welcomed with a comfortable atmosphere that will put you at ease. 

Warm sand

Dapple Grey. A unique color in our new hemp bedding collection. This color can have many associations, but the first one that comes to mind is the Lithuanian sky while it rains. This color combines various grey shades to create a magnificent look that gives your bedroom a special touch.

Dapple grey

Choosing colors is a personal decision; it depends on your desire to create in the bedroom. Hemp bedding colors are a perfect way to experiment and create a new feeling in your bedroom each time. All the colors go together nicely, so don't be afraid to mix & match the colors of this new collection. 

Sustainability and properties of hemp fabric

Bringing more sustainable material into your household is an excellent way to help our planet more. For us, sustainability is a way to help create new and healthy memories in the home. One way to do that is to look for fabrics that can be more sustainable. 

Hemp fabric is one of them. This fabric is considered one of the most sustainable fabrics globally, and its popularity is increasing day by day. This fabric is the most robust and durable organic fiber, just like our beloved linen. 

Hemp fabric is an excellent choice for outwear, bedding, and other textiles. This eco-friendly fabric can significantly impact starting on a zero-waste or low-impact lifestyle. So, to make it more simple for you to decide if hemp fabric is a good choice for you, here are some benefits that this fabric has:

Breathability. Allowing your skin to breathe at all times on days or nights is unique because it helps to have healthy skin. Hemp fabric is quite a lightweight fabric that is why manufacturers like this fabric for clothing, bedding, etc.

Thermoregulation. Having a fabric that will keep you cool on warm summer nights and warm on cold winter nights. Well, hemp fabric, just like linen fabric, has this fantastic ability to adapt to your body temperature and surround your body in a comfortable atmosphere.

Hypoallergenic. People with sensitive skin can be picky about the fabric choices, and it is understandable. Like linen fabric, hemp fabric is also suitable for sensitive, allergy-prone skin. This fabric is ideal for children, too, as their skin is more sensitive than adult skin.

Durability. Since hemp fabric is quite strong, the durability factor depends on this fact alone. No matter how much you wash, sleep in hemp bedding. It will be with you for a long time. It is also a biodegradable fabric, so if you throw out the material, it does not harm nature since it is a natural fiber fabric.

Softness. Hemp fabric is considered the softest fabric ever. Linen is also a soft fabric, but hemp is more delicate than linen. The fantastic thing about this fabric is that hemp fabric becomes smoother and softer with proper care and every wash, just like a linen fabric.

How to take care of hemp bedding? 

Some natural fabrics need proper care if you want to have them for a long time. In general, you need to take care of your bedding no matter what material they are made of. Additionally, bedding should be washed once a week to keep it fresh, clean, and germ-free. 

Having this in mind, we prepared a quick guide on how to take care of hemp bedding. Interestingly, this natural fabric - hemp- is similar to the linen fabric, so that you can adapt almost all principles from linen care to your new hemp bedding care. Here are a few steps to take into consideration for caring for hemp bedding:

  1. Preparation for a wash.

This step is essential because your want to pre-treat any deep stains on your bedding. Make sure you spot-clean those stains. We mentioned that hemp fabric is similar to linen fabric to use linen stain-removal methods. If you have white hemp bedding, you can use oxygen-based bleach for keeping the crisp color or even stan-removal.

  1. Choose mild liquid detergent.

We understand that there are a lot of washing detergents to choose from, and some might use powder detergent. But the thing is, do not use powder detergents on natural bedding fabrics, like hemp fabric. Using washing powder, the particles can get inside the material or attach to the fibers, and this way, it won't get out quickly and reduce the softness and lifespan of the fabric. So, lean towards mild liquid detergent for cleaning your hemp bedding. 

  1. Washing settings.

Linen does not have water; you already know if you have linen bedding. But what about hemp bedding? Hemp bedding, just like linen, doesn't like hot water. So, it is best to wash your hemp bedding with lukewarm water; this way, you will keep your bedding for a longer time. The best temperature of the water should be 30-40℃ / 86-104℉. If you are afraid of damaging your hemp bedding, you can always wash it by hand. 

  1. Drying and ironing hemp bedding.

It is best to hang-dry the natural material drying process because you won't need to iron them, or it won't damage the fabric. If you don't have this option, you can machine dry your hemp bedding; make sure you put on a low setting to prevent material from tearing. 

As for the ironing process, we always encourage people to embrace the natural wavy look, but if you like a neat and crisp look, you can always iron it. Make sure you put your iron on a low setting to prevent damage. 


We have introduced you to our new collection - hemp bedding. While looking for the perfect bedding, there is no correct formula for that. All you have to consider is a natural material option, and if you already own linen bedding, we can guarantee that you will love hemp bedding as much as we do. 

If you want to create a perfect relaxed look and an oasis for a good nights sleep, check out our new collection






  1. What is hemp bedding?

Hemp bedding is a natural material bedding. Hemp bedding includes hemp duvet cover sets, hemp pillowcases, hemp fitted and flat hemp sheets, hemp sheet sets, hemp duvet covers. 

  1. What is hemp bedding made from?

Hemp bedding is made from a natural material. Hemp bedding pieces are made from industrial hemp made into the hemp fabric, which is highly durable and versatile.

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