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Constant rush to do things and having such little time for your loved ones or yourself and sometimes need to reflect that, especially on Love Day. 

Love Day (Valentine's Day) is originated in Italy and is celebrated on February 14th in honor of Saint Valentine of Rome, established by Pope Gelasius I. This date was celebrated as romantic love day in the 14th and 15th centuries when courtly love flourished and was associated with 'lovebirds' of early spring. By the 18th century, in England, it grew into an occasion in which couples expressed their love for each other by gifting gifts. 

Now February 14th is still considered a celebration for your loved ones. But we say that this day is for everyone, not only for your significant other but to cherish your family member or even yourself. Love has no language - that is why we say that this beautiful celebration is universal, and we want to encourage you to celebrate its versatility.

On this Love Day, try to think about the person or people close to your heart and give them the attention they deserve by gifting small yet meaningful gifts - express your love for your other half, yourself, your children, parents, or even friends. We have prepared long-lasting, sustainable gift ideas to support unfading love for this specific day. 

love day discount

Gifts under 50

We believe that the best gifts come from the heart and thought you put into choosing the present and not the price point of that gift. So, for example, if your loved one loves cooking and you know that they can't imagine life without the kitchen and cooking something for you, then the best gifts can be something related to the kitchen fabrics. 

For the hostess or host of the kitchen - Linen Kitchen Towels

Kitchen tea towels are cloths used to mostly dry the dishes. Linen tea towels are great 'helpers' in the kitchen because, with them, you can do a lot - dust wooden surfaces, polish china and other kitchenware. Another great thing about these linen pieces is that you can use them as decoration pieces. 

For example, Red Pear Washed Linen Tea towel and Moss Green Washed Linen Tea Towel are highly durable, extremely absorbent. Beautiful colors will give your kitchen playfulness if displayed as decoration or clean the space. 

linen tea towel

For cooking experts - Linen Apron

At Linen Tales™, we have a collection of beautiful linen aprons in different colors and models, just like these:

Crossback Apron - a Japanese-style apron that all you need to do is slip on, and you are good to go. This apron has pockets to store the essential things you need for cooking.

Chef Apron - a perfect balance for keeping the clothes safe from any spills. The durable and soft material is suitable for women and men. 

linen aprons

Gifts under 150

Sometimes, versatility and long-lasting factors always come through when looking for gifts. Gifts like these are the best because you won't have to change them often. This way, you can pamper your loved one or yourself. This time of the year, we want you to give yourself and your loved one a touch of tenderness with beautiful linen bath towel sets:

For people with sensitive/allergic skin - Linen Plain Towels

Linen is always the number one when choosing suitable fabric for susceptible skin. Linen has a hypoallergenic factor which makes a perfect piece for such skin. Even health care professionals most commonly recommend this fabric. 

The towels are gentle on the skin and don't cause any irritation. With our plain linen towels, you can make a complete set of linen towels with all required sizes by yourself. 

Linen plain towel

For those who seek comfort Fine Waffle Towels

Textured linen always adds a touch of playfulness to your bathing rituals. Not only this, but fine waffle linen towels are a true definition of a cloud. They are fluffy and soft, making you feel like you are on cloud nine. 

You can create an embodiment of comfort by making a set of compatible towels with all the required sizes.  

linen waffle towel

Gifts under 250

A good night's sleep is a luxury that everyone needs to have. We can agree that sleep matters, so having something that will hug your body perfectly in comfort and let you relax to the max is a goal you want to achieve after a tiring day. That is why the bedding is essential in the bedroom; we suggest giving a try to linen and hemp:

For true sleepy heads - Linen Bedding

Linen bedding is an excellent choice for sleeping because you can use it on warm summer nights and cooler winter nights. This means that linen fabric has moisture-wicking and temperature regulating properties that help you feel the most relaxed at night to have the best possible sleep ever. 

Linen bed set

For sustainability seekers - Hemp Bedding

Hemp bedding, just like linen, is soft, comfortable, breathable, suitable for sensitive skin, and much more. The best factor of this fabric's bedding is eco-friendliness to nature. Hemp fabric is highly durable, and if you don't use the bedding anymore, the material is completely biodegradable. 

hemp bedding


Those are just a few examples that you can come up with to see your loved ones happy on Love Day. Or you can make yourself delighted with new and exciting things. We want to remind you that the best gifts come from the heart, so don't be afraid to channel your spirit while looking for a perfect gift.

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