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For years and years, linen has had the reputation of a summer fabric. Although we are strong advocates of using linen all year round, we have to agree that linen clothing is indeed the best option for a hot summer day. In some sense, we can say that linen is a smart fabric as it has many natural properties, that allow you to feel comfortable on even the hottest of days.

Strongly believing in the benefits and beauty of linen:

You might want to check these after you find out all the benefits of linen summer wear. And now, let’s jump to the reasons why linen is the best option for summer. 

Temperature control

It might sound like linen is some kind of high-tech fabric with temperature sensors and an intricate temperature control system. In reality, everything is much more simple and that is the beauty of it. Linen is naturally highly breathable so the air can freely circulate around your body. As a result, wearing a linen shirt makes you sweat less compared to wearing some other popular options like a cotton t-shirt or a viscose top. And some even say they feel like linen has a cooling effect which makes it even more pleasant on a hot summer day. 

White linen shirt

Moisture-wicking and antiallergenic properties

Because linen is highly breathable, it also evaporates moisture quite quickly. In fact, linen dries faster than cotton and it takes more time for linen to feel damp against the skin as it wicks the moisture instantly. The moisture-wicking property also aids against skin irritation by not allowing the germs and bacteria to accumulate in the damp fabric. That is why linen clothing is beneficial for people with skin allergies or sensitive skin and is a great material for kids’ clothing. So wearing a linen dress or a combo of linen trousers and a linen shirt might help you sweat less and feel more comfortable on even the warmest day.

Linen shirts and trousers

Practical and durable

Being one of the strongest known natural fibers, linen is highly durable and gets even better with time as it softens after every wash. That’s why you can be sure you will enjoy your favorite linen pieces much longer than you would some cotton or viscose pieces. All this makes linen clothing a much more sustainable and long-lasting option for your closet. 

Light linen dress

Low maintenance

Another great thing about linen is that it doesn’t require much care. Most linen clothing can be machine washed at 40Co temperature with regular washing detergent (although we strongly advise always checking the washing instructions on each garment). If you are afraid linen clothing will wrinkle, we have some useful tips on how to keep your favorite linen pieces wrinkle-free, which is much easier than you might think.

Environmentally friendly

Although this fact is relevant all year round, it is good to know that linen clothing is more environmentally friendly than most cotton clothing. Did you know that flax requires much less water and chemicals to grow and process into the fabric than cotton? And, as mentioned before, linen clothing is highly durable, creating less need to buy new clothing over a longer period of time.  For these reasons, linen clothing has a smaller negative impact on the environment. So the next time you shop for summer-wear, check linen clothing options!


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