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Linen Tales closet


With the awakening nature, it's time for the light and joy to come to our lives, hearts, and closet! Welcome to the charming Linen Tales Closet collection. The beautiful linen pieces come from the timeless silhouettes we want to share with you this year, so the Linen Tales Closet collection takes classic elegance with a modern twist. 

Linen clothes are one of those pieces that are most treasured all year round. The renewed linen clothing line from 100% linen fabric is designed to make you feel comfortable and confident every day. 

Hand-made, sustainable linen wear by a talented artisan in Lithuania was inspired by the beauty and versatility of easy-to-wear pieces. Multipurpose, timeless linen clothes that you can wear from morning to late evening come in a color palette from soft neutral hues to brighter tones. This way, you can make the perfect choices of mixing and matching the colors and styles yet staying true to your style. 

Enjoy the effortless linen wear pieces always to look and feel your best. Our Linen Tales Closet collection consists of dresses, shirts, tops, bottoms, coats, and accessories that you can wear and pair for busy and quiet days. 


If you could have a perfect collection of beautiful and versatile dresses, then we can guarantee that this is the ideal collection. This year our fabulous Linen Tales Closet collection consists of five linen dresses that come in a fantastic spring-inspired color palette that ranges from soft neutral to brighter tones and different styles:

A relaxed fit linen dress. Beautifully elegant linen dresses that will make you feel the simplicity of nature. This fit is designed that it would make you confident and comfortable on both quiet and busy days. Linen dresses that come in this fit are Goldenrod Dress, Speedwell Dress, and Mulberry Dress.

relaxed fit linen dress

A regular fit linen dress. A romantic silhouette with a flawless combination of shirt details will be a perfect fit for a stroll in the park or a busy day in the city. This go-to linen clothing fit is in the model Buttercup Dress.

regular fit linen dress

V-neck wrap linen dress. The most versatile and comfortable fit ever. The confidence it can give can change your mood instantly. Designed to fit many shapes and sizes, the Vine Dress will be an elegant addition to your closet for every day or evening out. 

V-neck wrap linen dress


Everyone loves that feeling that only a stylish and comfortable shirt can give. So, to make your dream come true, we combined elegance and classics with comfort in the perfect linen shirts collection. This year's Linen Tales Closet shirt collection consists of three linen pieces for women and three linen pieces for men. The linen pieces designed for men can suit women who love oversized, flowy, and non-restraining shirts:

Linen shirts for women

Classical yet indifferent to the authentic style - Oregano Shirt, Azalea Shirt, and Angelica Shirt. These linen clothes will become the pieces you will reach for every day. The subtle beauty and unique details combined in one garment will style beautifully over any trousers, jeans, or skirts.

Linen shirts for women

Linen shirts for men

The classics with a minimalistic approach will quickly become the favorite companions in any season. The linen shirts for men consist of these pieces - Larch Shirt, Snapdragon Shirt, and Yew Shirt come in beautiful tones, like Optical White, Four Leaf Clover, French Blue, Baby Blue, Bilberry Blue. These colors and fits will make you feel lightweight and comfortable throughout the busy day or relaxing stroll in the park. 

Linen shirts for men


These summer wear pieces' perfect mix of comfort and versatility will make you feel on cloud nine. Our linen top clothing collection is easy to pair, suitable for a working day in the office and a lovely evening in the city. 

tops with sleeves

You can find linen tops in styles of Ivy Top, Daffodil Top, Billberry Top, Bent Top, Sheryl Top, and Star Top; you will easily find a perfect fit for your everyday life. The beautiful color palette of these pieces ranges from soft tones to brighter tones. And if you are in the mood for a bit of fun and a boost of confidence, then the Blossom print will do that perfectly. 

linen tops without sleeves


Classy and comfortable linen trousers that you can wear on any occasion in your life. This time Linen Tales Closet collection consists of these linen clothing pieces:

Linen trousers for women

We have created two fantastic bottom pieces for women - Gladiolus Trousers and Willow Trousers. Gladiolus Trousers are classy yet comfortable regular fit linen wear with slanted pockets and are easy to pair with the rest of the outfit. Willow Trousers will quickly become your best friend for busy or quiet days: wide and loose silhouettes with pockets will make you feel confident yet comfortable.

Linen trousers for women

Linen trousers for men

A relaxed fit of true classics will give a comfortable feeling throughout the day. Acorn Trousers have a loose fit and a ribbed waist for a perfect everyday look. Cumin Shorts will provide a perfectly relaxing and breathable choice for many occasions, whether a vacation or a day in the city. Several beautiful colors will quickly complement any outfit - these linen trousers are designed to suit women who love oversized, flowy, and non-restraining bottoms.

Linen trousers for men


Protecting yourself and your health is always a priority. You can save yourself with our Oak Coat from a chilly summer breeze. A true classic and flattering style designed to fit both women and men. This go-to linen clothing piece has two side seam pockets and long sleeves and will look amazing over a dress, simple top, or a classic shirt. The color scheme will ensure that you don't need to match your coat with your outfit. 

linen coats


Accessories  always bring character to any outfit. A functional, elegant, and sustainable option for you to choose from. Beautiful, functional, and most importantly, soft-to-touch linen pieces that will elegantly elevate your outfit to another level. These sleek and simple accessories are Dandelion Scarf, Lupine Scarf, Mallow Scarf, and Woodbine Scarf, which will keep you warm on windy days at the beach or the busy streets.

linen scarfs

Final words

We created this year's Linen Tales Closet collection for you to give a modern take on classic elegance with a touch of sustainability and comfort. 

You can enjoy these versatile and beautiful linen clothes in summer or other seasons. Check out the complete collection.

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