February 27, 2018 2 min read

Do you rememberthe fabulous table decoration by our guests we shared with you in December? We continue our tradition of decorating for special occasions together with inspiring people.

What is the first special occasion on your mind when we talk about February? Is It Valentine’s day? We are pretty sure that everyone is ready to wake up from January and celebrate love. In Lithuania, we have even more things to celebrate in the middle of February. Independence Day is extremely important for the people of the country LINEN TALES comes from (and for our team, of course!). On February 16th in 1918, The Act of Reinstating Independence of Lithuania was signed. We wouldn’t have become ourselves without freedom and an independent Lithuania, thus we decorate our table for this day’s historical holiday with undescribable love.

The idea to invite Renata,founder of Sezoninė virtuvė (Seasonal Kitchen) blog, came naturally. When we first started thinking about what to cook for chosen occasion we immediately remembered Renata. Her kitchen’s principles are based on Lithuanian seasonal calendar and authentic traditions.

Together we have developed the whole setting concept and a menu. Both components have awakened nostalgic feelings. We miss slower times and the ability to enjoy simple moments that our grandparents used to have. We also miss our rich traditions and family recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation, so perfect in its own imperfeection. Thus, we have decided to decorate our table with one of the oldest classical collections we have. The classical yet modern decoration style has been defined with multiple layers. Natural vintage tablecloth and placemats are enhanced by white vintage washed linen napkins.

Renata’s nostalgia has gone even further. She prepared three sinful desserts that remind her (and probably every single Lithuanian) of childhood.

First one is the most majestic cake ever. We call itRoyal Napoleon (the Emperor of every celebration). The second desert is known ascurd doughnuts. These little sweet things are totally different from what you used to see as mainstream doughnuts.

Last but not least, meet Renata’straditional cookies which came a long way from the past – her grandma used to bake them a long time ago.

The best companion for these desserts is loose-leaf herbal tea which reminds of the summer in the Lithuanian countryside. What can be better than desserts and tea in the afternoon?

We have an answer: desserts, tea and a drop of bitters which can add a complimentary note that is both delicious and nurturing to the soul and body.

Every table decoration needs a few finishing touches, such as floral details arrangement. Look at these beautiful green elements provided by our friends from “Buketai”.

Please, enjoy the results of our creative work captured by photographer Sarune Zurba. And don’t forget to try out Renata’s recipes! You can find all of them not only in our blog but also in her book “My Childhood Treats”.

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