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How To Make Easter Celebration Special


Easter is coming and we strive to encourage you to make it special. Probably some of you will have to put two tables together to fit all the family members. There will be Easter eggs, a cake and probably some glasses of wine – like the year before. But there are some things that you can change to make the celebration extraordinary and fresh.

Put some citrus fruits to decorate the table

We all miss the sunshine, so let the fruits from south be the prophets of spring. If you also want to create a smell of freshness, try simmering citrus fruits. Just add sliced citrus to a small saucepan full of water. Simmer the water over low heat until the water evaporates. Don’t let it boil, just to steam lightly.

Order special sweets from a local bakery

Support a small business and get something that’s original in taste. It doesn’t have to be a three-tier cake. You can get small desserts and serve them individually with a personal message – it will also work as a decoration. Just imagine your family’s anticipation for the next year’s get-together!

Don’t leave the table naked

Use a festive tablecloth to cover the surface of the table that you use everyday. It’s symbolic, but a tablecloth really takes your table to the next level. Don’t forget the napkins if you want to get that special dinner feeling.


Extra tip

Announce a family contest for the most beautiful Easter egg. Ask everyone to decorate at least one egg that will enter to win. Of course a prize would encourage everybody to take the contest seriously – it could be two cinema tickets or something similar. And so, as soon as the big day arrives, let them cast their votes after enjoying a delicius meal and have fun all together,

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