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New linen clothing collection for summer by Linen Tales


A new season is here promising sunny days and warm temperatures. Along with it comes a new and updated 16Hours linen clothing collection - an urban uniform for all summer hours. Inspired by strong influential women, the collection is created by a prominent Lithuanian designer Sandra Straukaitė and a team of Linen Tales linen experts, turning fabric into delicate and comfortable clothing. Together comes a new section of classic pieces, that are versatile enough to fit any style, age, or occasion.


Much attention in this collection was given to a summer staple - the dress. It is a summer piece that gives us the most comfort and goes with us everywhere from a business meeting, to a local grocery market, to the beach. 

Linen summer dress

In photo: Abigail Dress in Silver and Black. 

One of the beauties is Abigail. A dress that might seem preppy at first but is actually versatile once you get to know it better. Lightweight fabric and flowy layers create a romantic look, that can be enhanced by heels or strappy sandals and a wide straw hat. But match it with sneakers, rugged boots, or a leather jacket and you get a completely different look.

Abigail's dress comes in Black and Silver colors. 


Whether the day promises to be busy or relaxed, we love to reach our hand for a good and comfortable top in our wardrobe. That is why the 16Hours collection includes several different high-quality tops to fit any occasions the day may have in store for you. 

Amy shirt is one example of that. Its elegantly loose silhouette makes it perfect for both formal and informal outfits while the subtle sleeve folds add a sharp touch to it. Style it with tailored pants, jeans, under a jacket, or sports jumper, and see how versatile this shirt is. 

Amy shirt comes in Black, White, Petrol Blue, Green Milieu, and Rose colors.

Linen shirt

In the photo on the left: Amy Shirt in White + Mary Trousers in Petrol Blue

In the photo on the right: Amy Shirt in Rose + Mary Trousers in Silver


Finding comfortable and universal bottoms for summer might be difficult. Some are too tight, some are too thick, some are comfortable but completely inappropriate for the formal outfit. In this collection, you will find several pieces that you will want to (and will be able to!) wear from early morning to late evening. 

Erna trousers are made of highly breathable moisture-wicking linen, making them suitable for warm temperatures. Add Amy shirt or a tailored jacket, high heels and you are ready for work. Keep Amy shirt but switch to sneakers or sandals when taking an evening walk in the park. 

Available in Silver, Magnet, and Petrol Blue colors.

Linen pants and skirt

In photo: Amy Shirt in Green MilieuErna Trousers in MagnetRose Top in MagnetGinni Skirt in Rose 

Another universal piece is the Ginnin skirt with a longer silhouette and wide pleats. Combine with a jacket or sleeveless top, heels, or sneakers - it will freely dance around your legs either way. 

Available in Silver, Petrol Blue, Green Milieu, and Rose colors.

Jackets & Coats

Despite being a warm season, summer does not cancel wind, chilly evenings, and… formal outfit requirements. That is why a lightweight and stylish coat or jacket is a must-have piece in the wardrobe. 

Our Oprah jacket is the epitome of confidence and elegance. Its elongated shape looks flattering on all body types, also making it easy to style with trousers, jeans, and dresses. Wear it open for a more laid-back look or button for a sharp and formal look. Colors play an important role, too - darker Magent color will look more formal and serious, while the Silver color jacket is lighter and has a different mood to it.

Oprah jacket is available in Silver, Magnet, and Petrol Blue colors. 

Linen jacket

In photo: Oprah Jacket in Magnet + Oprah Trousers in Magnet +Oprah Jacket in Silver + Oprah Trousers in Silver

A summer piece that will look and feel as good in the busy city as it does by the seaside - the Elizabeth coat. When the weather gets chilly this flowy linen coat will provide you comfort while a waist tie will add extra elegance to the overall look. Pick the color that best reflects your personality and feel free to mix and match this coat with any clothing style.

Elizabeth coat is available in Green Milieu, Petrol Blue, and Rose colors. 

Linen coat

In the photo on the left: Elisabeth Coat in Rose

In the photo on the right: Elisabeth Coat in Petrol Blue + Ivanka Dress in Rose


Nothing like a good accessory to finish the outfit. But with so many trendy pieces constantly rotating in fashion stores, it is easy to get lost. That is why we turn to practicality when it comes to accessories.

Our Twill bag is here to contain everything you need on a busy day in the city center or on a trip to the beach afterward. Made of durable and easy washable linen fabric, it is both functional and elegant. 

Choose from Silver, Magnet, and Petrol Blue colors to match your style.

linen bag

In photos: Twill Bag in Silver 

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