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Latest Home And Interior Design Trends


Whether you’re fully refurbishing your home this season, or are just looking for an easy update with some stylish accessories, we’ve got you covered. Our creative mind Vaida is sharing some trendy ideas as well as the most important aspects for choosing new interior accents. Have a look below and get inspired for the new season.


We are always looking at nature for inspiration, and this spring is no exception. However, this year we’re inviting you to look at the feminine side of it, and make the best of blush, bronze, and salmon shades, which will instantly provide your home with dearly missed warmth and brightness. The creme de la creme of this season’s shades? Blood orange. It is about to appear everywhere, so if you’re looking for a trendy upgrade, look no further.

Find more inspiration in our Pinterest Moodboard: Earthly Tones

1. Shifting Sand Bed Set / Pink Lavender Pillow Cases
2. Cafe Creme Napkins
3. Powder Waffle Towel


We’ve been seeing the rise of greenery at homes for the past few years – indoor plants, bouquets of fresh, dried, and high-quality faux flowers, and, of course, shades of green have been appearing in our homes more and more. This year, we’re turning to more exotic florals by incorporating them as patterns for fabrics, prints, and wallpapers. And we’re pretty sure this trend is about to stay: connecting to nature as much as possible in our day-to-day lives is, in fact, becoming a lifestyle, rather than a short-time trend.

Find more inspiration in our Pinterest Moodboard: Plants

1. White Summer Flowers Tablecloth
2. White Sakura Tablecloth


Nature’s inspiration supplies are unlimited, but if you’re feeling like you’ve exhausted greenery to the fullest, don’t turn around just yet. Next to the flora, there’s a great amount of fauna, offering endless ideas for intricate patterns and classic color combinations. Trickling down from fashion, animal prints are now taking their space as important accents in home décor: think rugs, pillow cases, wallpapers, upholstery – basically, anything you can think of.

Find more inspiration in our Pinterest Moodboard: Wildlife


Not feeling convinced about animal prints? Then we’ve got you another option: metallics. Shades of brass, gold, and bronze can all become the most stylish accents of any room while mixing and matching them provides an unexpected sense of fun. Classic gold finishes will never go out of style, but we’re seeing an even bigger than usual interest in them this year: being used on the most trendy furnishings and accessories, they instantly make any item more opulent and luxurious. It’s worth noting that it is the warm metallics that are taking the stage this season: cold and frigid metals like steel are being replaced by brassy tones for more warmth and subtlety. Not sure what to match your metallics with? Try one of nature’s robust materials: stone, marble, granite, or even concrete.

Get more inspiration in our Pinterest Moodboard: Metal Accents

1. Golden color cutlery paired with colder Blue Fog Tablerunner
2. Golden color cutlery paired with colder Blue Fog Tablerunner and White Napkins
3. Gold and white cutlery paired with White Summer Flower Napkins


We love velvet for it is multi-dimensional and oh so luxurious. Having normally been associated with the colder months, the fabric is one of the main trends in home textiles this year, so we can expect some lighter colors and even wider use. It is great for adding sophistication to any interior, whether you choose to use it as a main accessory of the room – say, sofa – or a smaller accent, such as a stylish stool or a pedestal. Our favorite velvet pairing? Brass, of course.

Find more inspiration in our Pinterest Moodboard: Velvet

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