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How To Style Your Home This Autumn And Winter


We are embracing the season by reaching out for soothing deep green, cordial burgundy, and humble rusty shades. Here, we present you with some ideas that will help to make your home, even more, inviting this season.

Table setting

For a slightly mystic look that will invite you to enjoy your meals just a little longer, choose warm, deep greens. Accompanied by light tableware, it will make the setting pleasantly captivating, while few subtle gold accents will be all you need to create a more festive atmosphere.

In photo: Forest Green Tablecloth + Meerkat Napkins

Winter blues are surely a thing, but they don’t have to be depressing. When paired with earthy tones of clay and rust, it will have just the right amount of warmth, while a touch of green – be it an accessory, a plant, or a leaf bouquet – will create that perfectly serene, understated look for the season.

Few things can warm a room up as much rich shades of the red can. For an edgy, yet inviting look, try choosing monochrome accessories – from light blush to the deepest burgundy, the various shades of the color will create that perfectly charming atmosphere, even if the weather outside isn’t warm and inviting. Don’t be afraid to go a step further here, and enhance the look by choosing glassware and flower vases of the same palette.


We always switch our bedding seasonally because the weather changes, but have you ever considered seasonal styling? This year, try melange bedding of two – or even three – natural colors, such as greys and greens. Calm colors will help you achieve quality sleep while having two similar – yet different – hues on your bed will help to liven up the room slightly and give it a touch of lived-in coziness.

In photo: Forest Green Bed Set

Living space

Fall and winter are perfect for cozy cuddling, and nothing could enhance the feeling better than cozy cushions. Cover them up in soothing moss green that will make you feel warmer and calmer, while your living space will instantly get a seasonal, unpretentiously stylish update.

In photo: Forest Green Cushion Cover + Burgundy Cushion Cover

For a little more allure, burgundy is indispensable. Exquisite yet simple at the same time, it will make your living space much more inviting without being too grandiose. Perfect for those who love minimalism, burgundy will give just the right amount of color for a warm atmosphere.


A hot bath, a long shower, a restorative sauna – these are the things we appreciate just a little more during the cold months. That’s why we invite you to keep and cherish that fall feeling in your bathroom, too. Don’t be afraid to choose earthy, toasty colors for towels. Green and rusty shades will help you to feel more in line with nature and enjoy the revitalizing senses of hot water for just a little more.

In photo: Martini Olive Waffle Towel + Meerkat Waffle Towel

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