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How Linen Bedding Can Make You A Better Person


When we talk about linen bedding, the main topics are usually the quality of sleep and the questions about linen care. Well, this time we will leave the second topic for our next blog article and will focus more on the first one.

And white sleep quality is highly important, we have to note that it is only a part of a bigger puzzle that is the idea, that linen bedding actually makes you a better person.

Here we four ways how linen bedding makes you a better person, which you maybe did not consider before, but will definitely do now.


Sleep is not important, it is essential

When we get enough of peaceful quality sleep, we feel more rested and energetic. This probably isn’t news to you. But that isn’t it. You probably noticed that after a good night’s sleep you feel calmer, happier, less stressed and more positive? Well, this isn’t so difficult to notice and feel. But what is amazing is the effect sleep has on the things that are not so obvious. Low quality sleep or the lack of it may be linked to some metabolic disorders, mood swings, inability to cope with stress, lower memory function and information processing and more.

So getting enough good quality sleep is crucial for our health and wellbeing. And linen bedding is something that has great qualities required for a good sleep. Linen’s high breathability ensures your body is not too hot or cold during all seasons, linen is natural and hypoallergenic and handles humidity very well, so it is gentle for your skin and causes less sweating than when you are sleeping in cotton. Also, a little bonus - due to micro breakings in fiber, linen creates a gentle massaging effect for your skin.

Remember - better sleep leads to better rest and better rest enables us to be better in so many ways.

In photos: Ash Linen Duvet Cover + Dark Grey Linen Pillow Case + Light Grey Linen Pillow Case + Cafe Creme Linen Bed Set + Light Grey Linen Flat Sheet


We care for you. Do you care for you, too?

We constantly take care of others - our family, our friends, our coworkers. And this helps us create a better community and strengthen the bonds with those dear to us. But at the end of the day, we must not forget to take care of ourselves, too.

Entitling yourself for better sleep and rest is a great way of caring about yourself and showing yourself some love. Once we are rested and positive, we are better at showing compassion to others and ourselves, we have more motivation to contribute to our community and we have more energy to care for ourselves and improve ourselves on a daily basis.


Buy less, have more

Today, consumerism is becoming a bigger and bigger issue with careless buying habits leading to rapidly growing amounts of unnecessary waste. So a conscious approach towards what purchases we make and what things we surround ourselves with plays an important role in caring for our environment and ourselves, too. Let’s take bed sheets as an example. Because of differences between cotton and linen, choosing linen bedding is a more conscious and sustainable option. Linen is highly durable, gets softer after every wash, also linen that we use at Linen Tales is grown and produced into fabric in Europe using non-toxic materials. So it will serve you for a long time with no need to replace it after a couple of years and it will be safe for you and the environment.

In photos: White Sleepwalker Linen Pyjamas + Cafe Creme Linen Bed Set + Light Grey Linen Pillow Case


Making your daily life more beautiful

Speaking about the environment, creating a beautiful home is also something that we want and something that actually benefits us very much. Satisfying our esthetic need makes us happier and creates a home where we feel calm, relaxed and at ease. For this reason, introducing natural, quality and also esthetically pleasing furniture, textiles and accessories to our homes is not only a more conscious step but also something that makes our daily life more beautiful.



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