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Did You Know Linen Is A Smart Fabric?


Linen is naturally smart. There are some facts provided by the nature to prove this bold statement.

Linen beats an AC in terms of climate control

Linen wicks moisture, so your body feels dry and comfortably warm both in summer and winter. It’s also the perfect option for those who get hot (literally hot) in bed while their partner always has freezing feet.

Nose friendly material

Linen has anti-allergic properties and may even help with various skin irritations. It creates a great microclimate and keeps the skin calm because of its natural pH balance.

It may seem stiff, but it’s not

Linen becomes softer and more absorbent with each wash. And it’s not a sign of wearing down. Moreover, we purposely process the linen to make it soft and enjoyable even for children.

Linen is a highly durable material

Linen is well known as the world’s strongest natural fiber – it’s even used in paper money to increase the durability. It’s not magic – linen fibers are comparably thick and long.

A light massage for free

Because of the microscopic breaks throughout the linen fabric, we can say there’s a built in massage system. Just close your eyes and enjoy the tranquility of the night.

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