June 09, 2017 2 min read

Our busy schedules means that after dealing with home, work and family it gets harder and harder to find time for friends. Sure, we’re constantly connected through messages and Instagram likes, but our face-to-face interactions sometimes require weeks of planning. We say let’s not wait for birthdays and baby showers to get together – let’s create time for friends over brunch.

Here are some ideas on how to organize the perfect friends brunch:

Create the space

When you have one friend over, huddling up in the kitchen might feel the best, but a friends brunch calls for the dining room table. Take out the nicetablecloth and get a simple bouquet of flowers. Even if you’ll be just snacking, set the table with your favourite tableware and uselinen napkins to complete the festive look. After all, later you’ll just have to throw them in the washing machine – no ironing needed.

Keep it simple

Inviting friends over for brunch doesn’t mean you have to remain in the kitchen all morning. Remember, the most important thing here is conversation and the food is just something to get you around the table. Prepare some light snacks to share like a veggie and cheese platter or fruits and feel no shame in ordering something from your favourite bakery – a good friend would never judge you. Mix some bubbly drinks like mimosas and serve them in your best glassware to give your brunch that extra special feeling.

Make it count

It’s not just a brunch, it’s a friends brunch. Make sure everyone leaves feeling your relationship is closer than before. Talk about life’s big events, new jobs and wedding planning hassles, but don’t let one topic take over the whole afternoon. Share the spotlight equally and if a topic becomes too overpowering, pivot to something everyone can have a say in. Asking for movie, book or theater play recommendations will surely spark an inspiring talk.

Get inspired and get together!

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