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Charming Christmas Table Setting


Yes, the most important part of a celebration is the family. If you put some heart into setting it, you can be pretty sure that the dinner will be remembered - the time will fly! Get your family to share beautiful moments together. We have some inspirations here...

A modern bohemian Christmas table

Mix and match deep water and grey colours. Let the linen tablecloth fall down like a drapery. It will look cozy and set the mood. If you have a big enough table, you can also put a vase with a branch of your favourite greenery or a bouquet of flowers on top.

Enhance the Christmas table look with some heavy candles. In the best case scenario, they should contrast with your chosen placemats and tablecloth.


Don’t forget to leave a small welcoming sweet for your guests at the Christmas table. Cookies can also mark the sitting place – you can play a small game: ask your guest to pick one cookie with their eyes closed and then find the same figure at the table – that will be his or her sitting place. It’s an opportunity to change your traditional Christmas table seating arrangement.

Modern Classical Christmas Table

Make your Christmas sublime. White on white is what you need! Choose the natural linen tablecloth and napkins with fringes – you probably already know that the small details matter. All the glass dishes and silver cutlery will look nothing less than classy.

Collect small plant branches that stay green during this time of year. You can also be nature friendly and use the lower branches of your Christmas tree that were left after pruning. Use them to decorate your Christmas table – make the greenery the bold accent.


It looks absolutely marvelous, doesn't it?




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