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Bringing "Just Packaging" To An Experience


Since the very beginning, we saw ourselves as the storytellers. All of our home linen products as well as our linen clothes are designed and made by people to people. From manufacturing to packaging, we were aiming to tell our story. Moreover, the progressive development of product packaging materials is our constant goal. So it was only natural that we decided to redesign our packaging. The packaging that helps to tell our story and has an environmental impact throughout a chain that stretches from our designers, through the manufacturer, to the consumer and beyond.

The packaging industry has grown from just 'packaging' to an experience today. Starting from linen, the materials we use in our products have always been 100% natural, so we followed the same path in redesigning our packaging. The new tags are made of organic, recycled paper to add an extra touch to our wholesome philosophy. Every tag has a unique drawing made for each of our products – linen sheets, linen cushion covers, linen tablecloths and so on. We didn’t stop there. The same illustrations are now an organic part of our physical retail stores. Of course, we didn’t forget our product catalogues as well. Illustrated by a local illustrator, now they’re made of recycled white paper. We opted for naturals materials only because this story started from linen - the legendary gem of nature.

You might be wondering, where is our story bringing us next? Well, we are also switching to biodegradable bags for our products. Sustainability is written in our DNA, so this step just felt right. We’re sticking to what’s important to us, and we’re telling our story on the same note with nature.

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