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4 Reasons Why Linen Bedding Is Just Perfect On Christmas Morning


As much as Christmas Eve is joyful and sometimes considered a culmination of winter holidays, it is often a peaceful stop before what comes next - visiting relatives and friends, cleaning up after dinner and gift unwrapping, and trying to plan a million tasks before New Year’s eve.

This is why we encourage you to take it slow on Christmas, give yourself time to rest well, enjoy time with the family and maybe even spend just a little more time in bed than usual. And we truly believe that linen bedding is just the perfect thing on Christmas morning for several obvious, yet important reasons.


You will wake up rested

With all the running and rushing before Christmas eve, we might find ourselves a bit tired. And that is ok - we all want to bring the Christmas spirit to our home by decorating it, find thoughtful gifts for the ones that we cherish, prepare tasty meals that would be a part of a beautiful Christmas dinner. For this reason, we want to remind you how important sleep is to our body and mind.

Get a good night's sleep before Christmas day to be well rested and full of energy to get back to all the festivities. Linen bedding will be a great option to sleep in as it is highly breathable and hypoallergenic so your skin can breathe easily and your body will get a proper rest that it deserves.

Microfibre massage

Don’t rush straight out of bed on Christmas morning. Ok, do rush to unwrap gifts and to say “Happy Christmas!” to your family. But after that, do not hesitate to get back to bed for at least a few sweet moments. Stretch out in bed, wrap yourself in linen bed sheets and enjoy that amazing feeling of microfibre massage.

In photo: Ashes of Roses Linen Bed Set + Dark Grey Linen Pillow Cases

Yes, that’s correct. Linen has lots and lots of tiny breakages in the fibers it is made of. For this reason, when you are laying in linen bedding, it might feel like you are being gently massaged. Your skin will love it, and we think you will love it too. And what can be better than a little massage on Christmas morning, right before getting back to the festivities?

It sets the mood

Linen bedding is not only oh-so-comfortable to sleep in. It is also something that is really nice to look at and may become a strong part of your bedroom interior. Set the festive mood not only in your living room, let the Christmas spirit be felt in your bedroom, too!

In photo: White Linen Bed Set

Our favorite option would be a full white linen bedding set to resemble white snowy winter. Also, we would go with the dark, deep green linen bedding as it reminds of evergreen plants and, of course, a Christmas tree. See our Forest Green linen bedding or Martini Olive linen bedding for different shades of darker green. Last, but not least, would be burnt orange or dark orange linen bedding, like our Almond linen bedding, to remind us of oranges, cinnamon sticks, and ginger cookies. Don’t forget to add Christmas lights, a few candles, a vase with pine branches and you will find yourself waking up in the middle of a winter wonderland on Christmas morning!


Great gift

Sharing is caring, so share the experience of sleeping in linen bedding with others. Linen bedding is a beautiful gift that will brighten up anyone who receives it on Christmas morning.

We know it might be difficult to choose the right colour and size for another person. And for this reason, we offer Linen Tales gift card that would make a great gift. Avoid guessing the right colour or size, adding checks to the gift and having an awkward conversation about how the giftee can return the bedding if the size won’t fit.

If you think Linen Tales gift coupon would be great for someone you know, drop us a message to and we will help you to get one.


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