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Sweet Childhood Memory


“And when, on an earlier occasion, she received a lavish box of chocolates, one would assume that a cursory ‘delicious chocs!’ would do, but no: they were ‘too excellent for words’ (perhaps the Queen Mum is being sarcastic here, not a regularly acknowledged Windsor trait). She then insists she has never had a box like them. ‘The extraordinary thing is, that they are all so good.’ (I can’t shake the image of her eating them in bed, propped up Cartland-style on a hundred frilled pillows, going ‘Mmmm! Caramel! Another winner!’)”

This extract from a book “To the Letter”, which traces the fascinating history of letter writing, pretty much sums up the idealistic atmosphere of the old times. It’s when people used to rejoice at small things: from the smell of paper to a box of chocolates.

If you still remember writing a letter to your penpal and licking a post stamp to send the envelope full of ink memories, we are on the same page. That’s why we added frilled pillow cases to our linen bedding collection. To sleep sweet, to dream more, to be unafraid to idolize our own childhood.

We want to help you to bring back those sweet moments to your bedroom. Sometimes we are pressured to keep up the with the current times, to stop reminiscing. But there’s nothing shameful about remembering the past. What else should surround you in a place where you spend the most of your time, if not the best, warm memories? Frame a lovely letter or two and hang them on the wall. Then get some antiques that remind you of your good old times – a chair, a mechanic alarm clock, maybe a metal lampshade. Finish off the look by adding some romance with the frilled pillow cases.

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